Saturday 28 January 2012

Review: EAU THERMALE Avene Skincare.

Last month, I won a giveaway that Serenity of Beauty held with EAU THERMALE Avene, and I was sent these three skincare products;

  • Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser
  • Gentle Toner
  • Hydrance Optimale UV Light SPF 20 Hydrating Cream
I haven't seen very many reviews or mentions of Avene products around the blogging world so I thought I would try these products out and review them for anybody who may be looking to try a new skincare brand.

Here is a little bit about Avene:
EAU THERMALE Avène is a unique French dermo-cosmetic brand dedicated to each level of skin sensitivity; from sensitive, intolerant to allergic.  Each product contains the Avène Thermal Spring Water, a unique ingredient whose properties have been endorsed by dermatologists over the years.

I have been using these products in place of my usual Liz Earle skincare for just over a month now, and here is what I think.

Cleanance Soapless Cleanser (For oily, blemish- prone skin) 200ml £8.25
 After discovering my beloved Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, I was a bit sceptical about switching to this one, unsure whether a 'lather-and-rinse' cleanser could leave my skin feeling as clean as it feels when I use my muslin cloth to polish off the Liz Earle cleanser. However, I was quite impressed. This lathers up really nicely, and a little goes a long way, you can see in the photograph a month's usage, so I think this is going to last me a long while. It is also soapless, meaning that it won't dry your skin out. It does a great job of removing make-up and leaves my skin feeling very clean; I don't find any excess make-up on the cotton pad when I use toner afterwards. I have been suffering from a lot of blemishes on my skin recently, due to stress, and this has really helped clear them up. One thing I don't like about this cleanser, however, is the smell. It isn't necessarily a bad smell, it just has a very strong soapy scent, which is a bit strange considering it is soap free, I was expecting there to be very little fragrance. Apart from that, I give this product a thumbs up.

Gentle Toner (For dry and very dry sensitive skin) 200ml £11.50 
I really like this toner. It separates so you have to shake it before use and then use a cotton wool pad to apply the product to your face. It is really cool and refreshing on the skin, and it feels gentle, you can tell that there is no alcohol in it and it is very moisturising. This has the same soapy smell as the cleanser, but it is nowhere near as strong. As you can see in the photo, this product doesn't seem to last as long as the cleanser, which is a little bit annoying as it is a bit more expensive, but I think that is a fault when it comes to most toners, they are usually in squirty bottles like this one which makes it hard to control how much product you are using.

Hydrance Optimale UV Light SPF 20 Hydrating Cream (For normal to combination sensitive skin) 40ml £14.50
I find it difficult to review moisturisers as as long as they are light, they usually work okay for me (heavy ones some times break me out). I was glad to see that this one is a light moisturiser, and it has SPF 20 which is always a big plus. It has a nice, creamy consistency and sinks into the skin well when I rub it in. Likewise to the other products, it has that odd, soapy scent, but it isn't as strong as it is in the cleansing gel.

Overall, I do think that EAU THERMALE Avene is quite a good skin care brand. I like that they cater for all the different skin types, and also that all their products are paraben free. I don't think I like them better than my Liz Earle skin care products, but honestly, I think it may only be the smell that is putting me off, I do much prefer the herbal scent of the Liz Earle products. I am considering repurchasing the toner when I run out as I really do like it, and I am willing to pay the £11.50 price tag for it. I would recommend that you take a look at their range if you have sensitive skin and you can look past the soapy smell, as it looks as though they will have something to suit even the most sensitive skin. Avene products are available in Boots and range between £5 and £25.

Have you tried any Avene products?


    1. Great review hun, I've not heard of this brand but it sounds as if they do a good job. I am still wanting to find that perfect skin care product. Although can you believe it i am still a Liz Earle virgin which needs to change this year lol x

      1. Girl, you need to get yourself down to a John Lewis and purchase yourself some Liz Earle! Haha :) x

    2. Great review of the products; lovely to hear how you're getting on with them :)

    3. Thanks for the review! I just finished their foundation and I really liked it! You have determined me to write a review on it because you're right...there aren't many around.


      1. You should definitely review it, I'd love to read it :) x

    4. Thanks for the review, i already use them they are very effective..:)
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    5. I've been wanting to try this cleanser so much! Maybe i'll have to invest in it :) Thanks for the review!!!

    6. Ah I've never met anyone with the same name as me - I'm Frances too!


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