Sunday 8 January 2012

Guest Blogger: Peacock Eye Shadow Tutorial

Rebecca from Beautiful Beauty Addiction emailed me asking if she could do a tutorial on the Peacock eye shadow that she wore for the New Year. Here it is! :)

Heyy everyone. This is the makeup i wore to my new years party! I wanted to replicate it for you! I went for peacock eyes because they are meant to be in this season. Last night i wore false lashes but left them out in this tutorial. enjoy xx

starting out with a fresh face i primed my eyes with No7 eye base.

using the storm pallette by sleek i chose the pearl shimmery colour. (back row, 2nd left.)

i then applied that colour all over my lid.

using the sleek circus pallette i took the two blue colours, two purple colours and green and blended them onto my eyes.

i placed the green on the inner third of my eye. then the light blue on the middle third of my eye. i then blended the dark blue into the outer v, remembering to blend all the colours in together.

i then added winged liner and mascara. i also placed the two purples on my lower lash line to add more colour.

i hope you guys like this tutorial and found it useful. let me know if youtry it out and if you liked it! until next time.....


  1. If you read every single one, I have to leave one: Sooo beautiful make up! Lovely colors;) Bye;P (is my English correct?:))

  2. What a great tutorial - beautiful colours used!


  3. I have decided to award you the Kreativ Blogger over at my blog! Sorry if you have already had it, I just thought because you're one of my favouite blogs to award you personally myself,
    lots of love!

  4. lovely tutorial and great colours used, i am going to try this x

  5. thanks for the comments everyone if you like this post, check out my full blog :) x


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