Friday 25 January 2013

Outfit: Where Have I Been?!

Jacket: C/O Mary Jane Fashion* | Jumper: C/O SheInside* | Disco Pants: C/O SheLikes* | Boots: C/O Tribeca Shoes*| Hat: River Island (Mens)

Here is a rare example of practicality and glamour in one outfit. As much as this coat looks like it is just for show, and I didn't expect to get much warmth from it, I have to report that I was very pleasantly surprised. It is padded well on the inside and the fur trim adds a nice layer of insulation to protect you from the cold- perfect for the frosty and snowy weather we have been getting this week! Also, how cute is my jumper? I am such a cat lady, I just can't. 

So where have I been, you ask (or not, but I'll tell you anyway)? It has been nearly two weeks since I last blogged which is awful for me, even when I am having a rough time, but I have been so busy with university it has been virtually impossible for me to blog! For the past two weeks I have been going to uni in the morning and haven't been getting home until 6-7PM which leaves me no day light to take any photos, and once I have gotten home all I have been wanting to do is eat, catch up on my YouTube subscriptions and sleep. The joys of third year, hey?
There's still a week until my deadline so it's going to be another busy one, but I plan on taking loads of photos this weekend so I can still pop a few posts up over the next few days. After that, I should be back to blogging normally as everything with uni should calm down a little. I can't wait, I have so many blogs to catch up reading on!

Is anybody else feeling the stress of third year?
*DISCLOSURE: Starred items are PR samples.
Sunday 13 January 2013

Outfit: Stained Glass.

Jumper: C/O SheInside* | Disco Pants: C/O She Likes* | Shoes: Converse | Hat: River Island (mens) | Jacket: Miss Selfridge

I couldn't decide about this jumper when I first saw it on the SheInside website, I'm like a magpie when it comes to brightly coloured things but I'm terrified of wearing them in the fear of drawing too much attention to myself. Also, I didn't know what the etiquette is when it comes to fashion and religion-related things, I know some people don't even like crosses being worn as fashion. Alas, I went for it and this jumper arrived on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago. It feels like you are wearing a piece of art when you put this jumper on, there is so much detail- although the image isn't as sharp as I would like, the colours are amazing. It is definitely a statement jumper and is perfect for pairing with a plain pair of leggings on lazy days where you want to look like you have put some effort in when in reality, you rolled out of bed 20 minutes before you left the house (me on most of the days that I'm in uni).

Are you a fan of bright colours and busy prints?
*DISCLOSURE: Starred items are PR samples.

Dita Von Teese: My Cointreau Evening Bag

My Cointreau Evening Bag: RRP £559.00

"A woman's handbag should always contain special accessories that make her happy... hidden moments of pleasure that live inside the pockets".

This is what Dita Von Teese had in mind when designing this limited edition evening bag for Cointreau.
White and orange, to tie in with the brand, and very classy-looking, this bag looks like an ordinary vintage handbag at first glance. However, cased inside are all the ingredients and tools you need to shake up your perfect Cointreau cocktail. It contains three jars, containing chilli, ginger and cinnamon to add a kick of spice to your drink and a mixing spoon and measuring cup for precision. There is also a pretty little powder compact containing a box of tea, as Dita Von Teese loves the blend of Cointreau and chilled tea served over ice. Of course, the set wouldn't be complete without a bottle of Cointreau and also a little book filled with all of Dita's favourite Cointreau recipes for you to try out.

The My Cointreau Evening Bag is definitely special, but also a little on the pricey side. It is available exclusively in store at Selfridges for £559. Are you lucky enough to get your hands on it?
I'll have to keep on dreaming, but I have few Cointreau cocktail recipes to share with you :)

Cointreau Hot Toddy
Ingredients (Serves 4)
2 tsp honey
5 cinnamon sticks
4 cloves
100ml Cointreau
50ml lemon juice
1 orange zest
500ml hot water

Add the honey, one cinnamon stick and the cloves in to a pitcher. Pour the hot water over the ingredients and stir until the honey dissolves. Add the Cointreau, the lemon juice and the orange zest, and strain the cocktail in to glasses, garnishing with a lemon slice and a cinnamon stick.

50ml Cointreau
30ml cranberry Juice
20ml lemon juice

Mix all the ingredients in to a cocktail mixer filled with ice. Shake up vigorously and strain in to a cocktail glass. Add the zest of an orange to garnish.

Cointreau Red Stiletto
50ml Cointreau 
25ml lime juice
1 small piece of ginger root
1 large ripe passion fruit
5 raspberries

Put the ginger and slightly crushed raspberries in to a cocktail shaker. Pour the Cointreau, passion fruit flesh and lime juice on top and shake with ice. Double strain in to a glass and garnish with a piece of lime and a floating raspberry.

What is your favourite Cointreau cocktail?
*DISCLOSURE: I was sent a bottle of Cointreau for free in return for this blog post.
Tuesday 8 January 2013

Outfit: Androgyny

Jumper: C/O OASAP* | Leggings: C/O OMG Fashion* | Boots: New Look | Hat: C/O OASAP* | Jacket: C/O Daisy Street* | Necklace: C/O Names4Ever*
I'm sure that we have all established now that OASAP are very hit and miss when it comes to their clothes. I am afraid to report that I might have got another miss. This jumper caught my eye instantly on the website- I love salt and pepper knit, I love oversized jumpers and I loved the idea of the leather peter pan collar. I'm just a little underwhelmed by the collar, it's hard to tame as it gets very crinkled and it is also quite loose around the neck, ruining the illusion of it being a real collar peeking out of my jumper. It's a shame because I would have loved the jumper otherwise, it's nice and thick and fits me perfectly, and I actually really like it paired with my bowler hat to give an androgynous edge. The hat, on the other hand, is great. This is my second bowler hat; the one you usually see in my outfit posts is from H&M but it's a little too big for my tiny head and I find that this one fits a little better. My boots are a new love of mine- I spied them in the New Look sale for £12 and I couldn't resist; I think they'll be a great versatile boot for wearing for a casual shopping trip or for more formal occasions where you don't want to wear sky scraper heels :)

I hope you like my outfit! :)
 *DISCLOSURE: Starred items are PR samples.

Monday 7 January 2013

Dita Von Teese Eau De Parfum.

I have never really been one to go for celebrity fragrances, but when I was contacted about the new Dita Von Teese perfume, I just couldn't resist. It is described as "big, sexy glamorous" scent, like what Dita Von Teese is attracted to, and a big, sexy glamorous scent it is.

With top notes of Bulgarian Rose and Peony, middle notes of spicy bourbon pepper and smoky wood, and base notes of patchouli, musk and Tahitian tiare petals, I think this is a very warm scent which is perfect for the Autumn/ Winter months or just for special occasions and nights out. Personally, I am a big fan of woody, floral perfumes that are quite heavy scented so this is right up my street. It is an Eau De Parfum so a few spritzes of this perfume leaves the fragrance lingering on my skin all day.

The bottle epitomises the Queen of Burlesque herself with the tassle representing her roots and the shape of the bottle modelled on the silhouette of a corset and a typical 1930s perfume bottle. The only thing I don't like about the bottle is that it is an opaque black colour so you can't see how much product you have left, but I can let this slip as it is so elegant-looking.

This is definitely my favourite fragrance at the moment, and if you would like to check the Dita Von Teese Eau De Parfum out for yourself, you can find it in Boots at £18.00 for 20ml (I believe it is currently on offer for £15.30!).

Have you tried the Dita Von Teese perfume?
Saturday 5 January 2013

Outfit: Vintage-esque.

Dress: C/O Mina* | Boots: Peacocks | Hat: H&M | Necklace: C/O Little Trinkets*

I feel like I'm channeling the 1940s wearing this vintage-esque dress. Paired with some black heels, red lipstick and a sleek updo and I think I'd be there. I love the dusty pink colour of it that I think is perfect for Autumn through to Spring, and I love that it is so simple and easy to wear but it is still interesting to look at with the trench style detail and peter pan collar on the front. I had never heard of Mina before they sent me this dress but I they stock lots of lovely quirky vintage-style pieces, a few of which I definitely have my eye on!

I hope you like my outfit! :)
*DISCLOSURE: Starred items are PR samples.

Friday 4 January 2013

What I Got For Christmas 2012.

Another blog post that is way past it's due date, but better late than never, right? I had a few people tell me that they wanted to see what I got for Christmas so here it is :) I'll get the disclaimer out of the way- I am not doing this to brag or show off in anyway; like I said, you asked for this! :) I feel very fortunate and grateful for everything that I received and a massive "thank you" goes out to my lovely family who gave me all my gifts. I love looking at other people's Christmas present haul posts and YouTube videos, so if you have one please leave a link! I have also included a link to any of the items that I received that are still available to buy online just in case you want to check them out for yourself :) I asked for most of the things that I was given so I know where they came from!

Clothing and Accessories
Cat Face Sweater: Romwe
Teacup Pug T-Shirt: Not For Ponies
David and Goliath Varsity Pug T-Shirt: Chicks Rule (David and Goliath)

Anybody who knows me well knows that I am the craziest of cat ladies. I saw this jumper in the background of some of Bunny (Grav3yardGirl)'s YouTube videos and I HAD to have it. I also absolutely adore pugs, and it upsets me greatly that I am not allowed to have a real one (yet), so my way of handling this is to own lots of things with pictures of pugs on them.

Socks and Tights: All from Marks & Spencer

There isn't much to say here. I'm 20 now so it's only right that I am given new socks for Christmas. I am actually very grateful for them though, as before Christmas I honestly didn't have a matching pair of socks to my name (WHO steals just the one sock?!) and I always manage to poke holes and ladders in to my tights.

Clutch Bag: Marla London

I didn't ask for this, my brother and sister-in-law chose it for me, but they did well! I absolutely love this bag, it is perfect size for taking on nights out and it is very secure- It is one of those folding clutch bags that has a zip at the top and then folds down to look like a smaller bag.

Tortoise Shell Multi-Dial Watch: Michael Kors

Ahh, my new baby. I have wanted a Michael Kors watch for a while, but I actually thought that I would lean more towards the rose gold or horn varieties. However, I fell in love with this one when I tried it on, it compliments my skin tone better than the other colours and I like that it is a little different. The photographs really don't do it justice; the face has a beautiful mother-of-pearl effect and the indexes are made up of little crystals.

Make-up and Beauty
Real Techniques Core Collection: Boots
Real Techniques Starter Set: Boots
MAC Makeup Brush Cleanser: MAC

I had had my eye on these Real Techniques sets for a while after seeing them so raved about, but I never got round to purchasing them for myself so I thought I would ask for them for Christmas. I have been using them since and I love them, especially the buffing brush and the contour brush. I didn't ask for the brush cleanser but it was such a thoughtful gift from my grandparents- I use it for spot cleaning my brushes between uses.

Lush Relax Gift Box: Lush

You can't go wrong with buying me a gift box from Lush if you don't know what else to get me. The one that I received was the "Relax" box which contains soothing scents to soothe you and help you sleep, which is perfect for me!

Darcey Bussell- A Life in Pictures: Amazon

This gift was a complete surprise to me but I was so happy when I opened it. I used to take ballet classes when I was younger and Darcey Bussell was always my favourite ballerina. This book contains a collection of photos from when she first started her career up until her retirement, with little captions written by her explaining about each picture. The photos are stunning and I love flicking through it.

So that is everything that I received for Christmas! I also received a few boxes of chocolates, but unfortunately they didn't last long enough to make it in to this post ;) Again, I am so thankful for everything I received and I really hope you liked this post! Don't forget to show me what you got! :)

Thursday 3 January 2013

Hello, 2013.

So I know this post is a couple of days late but I haven't properly wished you all a Happy New Year yet and after seeing everybody else's New Years resolution posts I feel obliged to do my own!

Firstly, I should start by reflecting on the past year. 2012 was probably the most difficult year of my life so far. You know the feeling, when you get knocked to the ground and then whenever you try to pick yourself up, somebody kicks you back down again? It was that. Too many days last year were spent in bed trying to sleep my days away because facing reality, to put it bluntly, sucked. The only thing that made me happy at one point was blogging, and I didn't even have the energy to do that.
The point I am trying to get to, however, is that despite all the negativity, I am still here and I still find things to smile about. I have learned so much and I am striving to be a stronger person. I have learnt that there will always be the people who just don't want you to be happy. Sluts who can't maintain their own relationships so they ruin other people's, bitchy girls who have nothing nice or true to say about you to your face or behind your back, men who only care to please themselves (in more way than one). But these people will always get what they deserve in the end, so don't worry about it. It's the people who are always there for you and make you smile that matter.

 Some of my best memories of 2012 were made with a group of friends I spent most weekends of the summer with. We don't see each other much any more with work and university now but our crazy nights out (and nights in!) will always be one of my favourite memories.
Of course blogging was a big part of 2012. This time last year I had just hit 100 followers... Never did I think that a year later I would have over 10x that! I feel honoured to have been able to collaborate with so many lovely brands and attend meetups and events where I have met lots of other bloggers. One blogging memory that particularly stands out to me and that I am so proud of is when I had the opportunity to fly out to Calvi in France with Diesel for the Calvi on the Rocks music festival which they were sponsoring (see blog posts here). I had never travelled out of the country alone before so I was really nervous, but it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I wouldn't hesitate to go back.

So, resolutions time. Well, I don't like calling them resolutions as I never stick to them, but I like to compile a list of things that I would like to achieve throughout the year and then look back and see what I have managed to achieve. In 2013, I would like to:

  • Graduate from university with a 2:1.
  • Learn how to drive.
  • Blog for another year (this doesn't even need to go on the list, haha!)
  • Start making YouTube videos to go alongside my blog.
  • Start making/playing music again and hopefully pluck up the courage to play some gigs.
Finally, I want to wish you all the best for 2013 and may it be the best year ever for all of us. Thank you for following me, reading my blog posts and leaving me lovely comments because I can honestly say that without the support that I have received, I would have given up long ago. 
So here's to an amazing year and I will leave you with some of my favourite pictures from 2012.