Sunday 25 January 2015

Outfit: New Look Denim Part II.

Photo credit: Shane Murray
Jeans: C/O New Look* | Top: ASOS | Coat: C/O Fashion Union* (old) | Boots: H&M | Hat: Primark
When I opted for a pair of ripped jeans from New Look's vast range of denim for their style challenge, I didn't quite take in to consideration how difficult it would be to style outfits for three different occasions with gaping holes in my knees. However, it isn't impossible. Here is my second ensemble in my three-part mini-series (you can see the first one here), and whilst it's still a pretty casual look, I think it's less "girl at the rock show" and more "date night with friends".
Now that the jeans are covered, can I just avert your attention down to the weapons on my feet for a second- At a steal of £15 in the H&M sale, they are not only my sale purchase of the year, but they are also the new stars of my rather ridiculous shoe collection.
How would you style up your ripped skinny jeans?
Frances x
*DISCLOSURE: Starred items are PR samples.

Wednesday 21 January 2015

Outfit: New Look Denim Part I.

Photo credit: Shane Murray
Jumper: Primark | Jeans: C/O New Look* | Shoes: Converse via Schuh | Jacket: Wrangler via Depop | Beanie: ASOS (old) 
So we're already in to the latter third of January and I am already doing a fantastic job of not sticking to my New Years resolution. In my defense, it is only a lack of photographer that has been stopping me from getting content live over the last couple of weeks, but then again this could have been avoided with better organization. Anyway, my best friend happened to purchase a beautiful, brand new DSLR camera last week, and I jumped at the opportunity to be his guinea pig ;)
I told you I was becoming more of a jeans person this year! New Look contacted me last week challenging me to choose a key piece from their range of denim and style it in three different ways, so expect a mini series from me over the few days. Despite my many attempts to tear myself up a pair of distressed jeans back in my wannabe-rockstar days, I have never actually owned a wearable pair, so I decided to channel my teenage self and opt for this pre-destroyed pair of black skinnies.
Styling them up in a casual way is pretty straight-forward, I went for a relaxed vibe with a thin jumper, my trusty converse, a beanie and my oversized Wrangler jacket in this tame attempt at double denim. The real challenge lies in my next outfit post; putting together a smart ensemble!
Are you a fan of ripped jeans?
Frances x
*DISCLOSURE: Starred items are PR samples.

Monday 12 January 2015

Lifestyle: Alprotops Breakfast Challenge.

Along with a lot of people, one of my New Years resolutions is to be healthier. Alpro lent me a helping hand at getting started by sending me a little care hamper* including four of their Big Pot soya-based alternative to yoghurt flavours and an array of different toppings, presenting me with their Alprotops challenge to put a healthy twist on a blank yoghurt canvas, and come up with my own healthy combinations using the ingredients provided.

The first combination I tried out was with their vanilla-flavoured yoghurt, topped with bitesize shredded wheat, banana, cashews and dark chocolate flakes; a guilt-free solution to a sweet tooth!

For my second day of the Alprotops challenge, I decided to switch it up with a parfait-style layered breakfast. I used their Strawberry & Rhubarb flavoured yoghurt (my personal favourite!) and layered it up with oatmeal and berries, topped with chia seeds and muesli. Also, how cool is the personalised spoon that Alpro sent me?!

For day three, I went for Alpro's plain yoghurt so I thought I would go to town on the toppings, adding a sliced banana, dried mango cubes, shredded coconut, goji berries and flax seed.
Alpro's soya-based Big Pots, like all of Alpro's products, are 100% plant-based and are a great alternative to yoghurts for those people with lactose and gluten intolerances. They are currently available in four tasty flavours; plain, vanilla lemon & lime and strawberry & rhubarb, and can be picked up in selected Tesco stores.
What toppings would you choose to liven up your breakfast?
Frances x
*DISCLOSURE: Alpro kindly provided me with the products needed to complete the Alprotops challenge.
Friday 9 January 2015

Wishlist: Highstreet Sale Picks.

1. Jumper: H&M, £29.99 £10
2. Beanie: H&M, £6.99 £3
3. Trousers: River Island, £38.00 £15
5. Cleated Sole Boots: H&M, £29.99 £15
As a fashion blogger fortunate enough to receive new wardrobe additions every now and again from some of the brands I work with, I try to refrain from spending my wages on my already overflowing wardrobe. However, with a bit of money left over from Christmas, I can't help but have a little nosy through the online sales. Usually I'm disappointed by the offerings in the January sales and I tend to only come away with a couple of accessories, but this year it was a little harder to resist a splurge. Luckily, I'm not bad at controlling my impulse purchases and I've limited myself to only the H&M boots (although the jumper seems to shout my name a little louder every time I look at it), but I thought I would share some of my top picks from the January 2015 high street sales with you :)
Have you shopped the sales this year?
Frances x
Monday 5 January 2015

Personal: Reflecting on 2014 & Goals for 2015.

 Image source: Google
It's true what they say; time certainly does seem to pass by faster the older you get. I can't even fathom where 2014 disappeared to; I still remember exactly where I was and who I was with as I welcomed in the New Year as though it was only a couple of months ago, yet five nights ago I was waving goodbye to it with completely new company. I am one of those people guilty of giving a shrug of the shoulders and a boring answer when faced with any question involving life and events (you know the kind; "what you been up to?", "nothing much..."), but it was only when I sat down thinking that this blog post would be a breeze to write that I realised that 2014 was probably one of my most eventful and defining in recent years.

2014 Highlights.

2014, although tainted with a few downs amongst the highlights, was an improvement from the previous two years at least. I passed my driving test, completed an internship where I gained invaluable experience in my chosen career path plus some wonderful friends, and I finally got the opportunity to travel to Singapore (a country that I have wanted to visit for a long time) to see my dad for the first time in two years. Not to mention some of the opportunities that my blog has brought my way, including Liverpool Sound City and Creamfields, numerous press events, plus jumping out of a plane at 14,000 ft; something that I never thought I would do in my lifetime. As always, writing my blog has been a joy in 2014, and I'm extremely grateful to all the brands who choose to contact me to represent them and their campaigns and you lovely lot, whose support keeps my passion for the community strong, even at times where I have found it hard to stay motivated.
2015 Resolutions.
What I love about New Year is that it really does feel like a fresh start. 2014 isn't a thing any more and it's exciting (if not a little scary) not knowing what the next twelve months are going to bring. And with that comes New Years resolutions; a way of shaping your year to be what you want it to be. For 2015, I have made three:
1. Blog consistently. During busy times in 2014, I found it difficult to maintain my blog, resulting in some months only seeing two or three blog posts. Shocking. This year, I have bought myself a blogging diary in an attempt to keep organized, and I plan on publishing at least four posts per week.
2. Be healthier. Those of you who followed me on Instagram in 2013 will know how important health and fitness is to me, but I did slack a little a lot in 2014. It's time to renew that gym membership and put my Christmas sweet stash away for special occasions!
3. Do more things. No, really. This year I am going to make an extra effort to spend time with those who matter, do the things that I have always wanted to do, and hopefully travel to someplace new.
What are your resolutions for 2015?
Frances x
Saturday 3 January 2015

Outfit: 2015.

Photo credit: Shane Murray
Blouse: C/O She Likes* | Jeans: C/O Dresskode* | Boots: Primark | Coat: Peacocks (old) | Beanie: Primark (old) | Bag: Mango C/O House of Fraser (old)* | Choker: eBay
Happy New Year, my loves!
Ideally, my first blog post of 2015 would have been a cliché, reflective post about the year that has just passed, but it wasn't until I set myself the task of writing a quick blog post in an hour and a half that I realized just what a heck of a year 2014 was. It would be impossible to summarize the past year in such a short amount of time, so my official New Year post will have to wait until tomorrow, when I have the entire morning to recollect my thoughts and memories from the comfort of my bed.
For now, here is my first outfit post of hopefully many in 2015! Could this be the year I become a jeans person again? Since my slight love affair with my boyfriend jeans over the latter months of 2014, I decided to give the skinny jeans a second chance. I don't think I will ever completely get over my pet peeve of wrinkly knees, but I'm happy to announce that I find them far less offensive in this light wash pair from Dresskode. I had also forgotten how much I love a gaudy blouse until this abstract floral number from She Likes popped through my letterbox. It has already served me well through many days out, blog events and date nights in December alone. Hello, 2015 wardrobe staple.
Here's to another year of outfit posts here on Frances Cassandra! <3
Frances x
 *DISCLOSURE: Starred items are PR samples.