Monday 2 January 2012

Guest Blogger: Soap and Glory's Big Splendour

Today's guest blogger is Laura from Unloved Button. She is going to talk about the much raved about Big Splendour set from Soap and Glory. Enjoy!
Hey Big Splendour

Now come on ladies own up. I am not the only person who sits their refreshing the boots website at midnight the week before Christmas in anticipation for the offer of the week being the large soap and glory box? The way it sells out clearly not.

I discovered soap and glory at Christmas 2009 when they had the hat box on offer in boots for £20. This was really the first time I had seen anything of soap and glory but at a third of the price that it was retailing at I was willing to give it a go! However you couldn’t get the hat boxes for love nor money. I got the lady in my local boots to check the whole of the UK and the only place that had any were the boots at Victoria Station in London – too far. However I got some soap and glory products for my birthday (Handy that it falls just 6 weeks after Christmas) as mum said I would like to give it a go.  Christmas 2010, I learnt my lesson and was poised with card at midnight and me and mum ordered 3 for us to share. This year, having still not used up some of the stuff from the 2010 boxes and the box having gone up from last year (and having little pennies so close to Christmas this year) I didn’t buy the Big Splendour box. However I got a lovely surprise on Christmas morning when I opened one from mum and dad :)

This year’s box contains 10 products from the Soap and Glory range as well as coming in a lovely bag which you could reuse (I plan on putting my nail varnishes in mind as they are starting to take over)

·    Clean On Me -Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel
·    The Righteous Butter - Body Butter
·    Pulp Friction - Body Scrub
·    Face Soap and Clarity - Fresh Facial Wash
·    Heel Genius - Foot Cream
·    Hand Good - Hand Cream
·    Mist You Madly - Fragrant Body Spray
·    Sexy Mother Pucker - Lip Plumper in Candy Gloss
·    Calm One Calm All - Bubble Bath
·    Off Your Face Wipes - Cleansing Wipes

Most of the products which the box contains are the “classic” soap and glory products – Clean on me, The Righteous Butter,  Off your face wipes.  It also contains one of the newer products from the soap and glory range – Pulp Friction.

I hadn’t tried the Pulp Friction before. I love the Flake away which is a very thick and great for exfoliating however I think it’s more something you would use maybe a couple of times a week rather than every day as it is very thick and gives a very good scrub.

The Pulp Friction is a fruity foamy body scrub and retails for £8. I am a sucker for a new product so I got straight to trying it on Christmas morning. I have to say I am officially in LOVE. Rather than the thickness of the other body scrub products it is more like a body wash which has scrub in it. I love how the scrub has a foamy action as it feels like your having a good scrub without it taking you about 2 hours to get rid of all the scrub.
I love this product and will defiantly be buying it once all this is gone. 

Since discovering Soap and Glory I don’t think I would use other brands now. I don’t think that there has been a Soap and Glory product yet I haven’t liked. My particular favourites are the breakfast scrub (which spells AMAZING) and the Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Glosses.
If you haven’t tried any soap and glory products I would definitely recommend them and these bargain Christmas boxes are a great way of jumping in head first.

I cannot wait to see what other new products Soap and Glory have in store for 2012 and am already looking forward to what may be in the 2012 Christmas box!

Thank you to Frances for letting me guest blog on your fab blog. xxx


  1. I have never tried soap and glory products as i find they are expensive. But i really want to try the righteous butter.

    Great post(:

  2. You should definately give the righteous butter a try Nicola. It smells AMAZING!! Its one of my favourite soap and glory smells - along with the breakfast scrub which smells like mapel syrup :P

    Some of the products seem quite expensive but they are so worth it. The SMP lip gloss retails at £9 which for a lip gloss seems alot but it looks and feels amazing!

    Take advantage of when they have special offers like the 3 for 2 or half price on the products in boots and stock up! Or like the Big Box they have at christmas which is usually the offer of the week the week before christmas and is amazing value for money.
    Let me know if you try any and what you think :)

  3. Hiya :) I've never tried the Soap & Glory brand before but I've really been wanting to lately since every time I go into Boots every there are ALWAYS signs and offers on the brand! My only problem is that the single products are quite expensive for creams that I may not use that much.. But great reviews and I'm still looking out for good offers on this brand xx


  4. I loooove Soap and Glory, everything smells so delicious! Never owned anything though.

    x Michelle |

  5. I soooo missed out on this offer :( Shocking. I really wanted to get it and they had loads in waterloo but I thought I buy it in the evening on my way home but guess what SOLD OUT :(


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