Saturday 26 November 2011

Want Online Student Discount But Don't Have An NUS Card?

There is a growing website called MyUNiDAYS that will offer you a discount code for online stores so that you can get student discount without an NUS card.
The website is fairly new so there aren't many stores partnered with it yet, but it should grow after some time, they are currently having talks with more companies to allow them to offer the service.
The stores that you can get discount for so far are:

  • Fashion Union
  • Select
  • Schuh
  • Burton
  • La Senza
  • QUIZ
  • Occasional ASOS discounts

All you have to do to start getting student discount is sign up for free! You will be asked what university you attend and then you will need to use your university log-in to verify your account.

I am so glad I have found this website as I haven't been able to get round to buying an NUS card yet haha.

I hope this was helpful for you!

Friday 25 November 2011

Small Thrift Haul

I won't lie, as I was growing up I was a complete snob about charity shops and refused to go in them. But since I got interested in the beauty and fashion community on here and YouTube, and saw some of the lovely things that other people have purchased, my views changed and now I am addicted to charity shopping! Here are a few things that I've picked up over the past couple of weeks.

 I've pretty much lived in this shirt since I bought it, I love it so much. It's such a good quality item too, and it is originally from Laura Ashley... It didn't have a Laura Ashley price tag though; I bought this for £3!

 This top is originally from New Look, and I got it for £2.99. I haven't worn it yet because I couldn't figure out how I would wear it for autumn/ winter, but I think it will look nice on a mild day under a big coat with some burgundy skinny jeans.

 I don't know why this skirt looks like it has a big stain in the middle of it, it doesn't appear to be there in real life, but it needs throwing in the wash anyway, I only bought this the other day. It's originally from InLoveWithFashion (Topshop consessions), which I adore! I can't wait to wear it, and it only cost me £2.50!

I was drawn in by this shirt after watching one of Miss Glamorazzi's YouTube videos, in which she is wearing a shiny silk striped shirt. I loved it but didn't know where I could find one in the UK, so I was pretty excited when I spotted this... It isn't exactly the same but I think it is as close as I am going to get haha. I'm going to wear this on nights out or if I'm going out for a meal or something :) It cost only £2.00

Finally, I picked up some books. Charity shops are great for finding books, and they'll have them in pretty much any genre. I have already finished Forget Me Not and I am currently reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter. I can't wait to start The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, I have read so many good reviews about it, and I'm trying to hunt down the other two books in the series. All these books cost between 50p and £2.

So, if you are hesitant about shopping in charity shops, I urge you to try it, I am sure you will be addicted! You may not find something every time you go, but it makes you feel so good when you do, and sometimes you can find some real gems! And best of all,  your money goes towards a good cause :)

Hope you're having a lovely day,

Wednesday 23 November 2011

My Christmas Wishlist

So I thought I would do two blog posts today seeing as it's my day off :P I hope you don't mind.

I have put together my christmas wishlist for you to see; maybe it will give you an idea of what to get somebody for christmas, or maybe something you'd like to receive yourself?

1. iPhone
I need an iPhone in my life! For too long have I gone on using a crappy Samsung phone that my boyfriend gave to me after the HP iPAQ that my sister-in-law gave me broke after my LG phone broke :(

I have wanted a new leather-look jacket for a while, the one I've had the one I'm currently using for over three years now... And my God, how I wish I could have afforded to buy one of the Versace for H & M embellished leather jackets- They are to die for! Anyway, I spotted this one on the Miss Selfridge website and I actually went in store today to try it on; I love it! I think it's a little bit different from your usual leather jacket.

I can smell the contents of this gift box by just look at the picture! I really want to try the Snow Fairy Shower Gel and Magic Wand Bubble Bar, and I think this would be a lovely box to receive for Christmas.

I know I'm way behind with this as the collection actually came out for Spring/ Summer, but it is still available so why not?! I have never actually smelt this perfume so I'm taking everybody's word for it that it smells nice, as I haven't seen a negative review yet. I have to admit, I was drawn in solely by the beautiful bottle designs :P

5. Makeup Brush Set
I think it's about time I got a good quality makeup brush set- The only brushes I have are an eyeshadow brush, an angled brush which I use for my eyebrows and eyeliner and a crappy little blusher brush that is all prickly on my skin :(

I've seen quite a few bloggers/ youtubers with these mirrors and I think they're so cute and handy. I think one of these would be good to throw in my bag whenever I'm heading out, and the little lights would come in good use when I'm on a night out or something. This gold skull design is my favourite.

What is on your Christmas wishlist?

NOTD #3: GOSH Nail Glitter

After seeing Fleur's post about Gosh Nail Glitters this morning, I was intrigued. I had been dancing around buying Models Own Glitter Nail Polish in Pink Fizz for a while, but hadn't yet because they aren't stocked in my local boots and I just had never gotten round to ordering it online.

So I had a look in Superdrug and I found the Nail Glitter in Rose Quartz, and it instantly reminded me of Pink Fizz. At £3.99 it is £1 cheaper than the Models Own nail polish so I thought I'd give it a go.

 I think it looks so pretty on the nails! The application is a little bit messy, I ended up with a glittery desk as well haha. All you have to do is apply a base coat and then dip your nail into the pot of glitter before the base coat dries so that it sticks, and then just wipe the excess glitter from around the nail. You can rinse your hands when you're finished to get rid of any glitter on your hands.
You can carefully apply a top coat aswell but I found that it ruined the effect of the glitter a little bit, so I placed more glitter over the top of it :P

I think the Models Own nail polish would be more convenient in terms of application and staying power; I can't imagine this nail glitter lasting more than a few days due to the lack of a top coat.
However, the GOSH nail glitter is slightly cheaper, and you don't have to worry about drying times once you've dipped your nails in to the glitter, and you don't have to apply multiple coats :)

Monday 21 November 2011

My Skincare Routine.

Hey :)
Today I thought I would share with you the skin care routine that I practice every morning and night.
I have combination skin; my forehead can be quite oily at times but I do get dry patches all over my face aswell. This skin care routine helps keep my skin balanced, so if you have similar skin to mine, you might find this useful :)

I love love love this cleanser. No other cleanser has made my skin feel so clean and light after using it. I use one pump of this morning and night and massage it all over my face, doing my eyes last so that my mascara and eyeshadow doesn't go all over my face. I then leave it to sink in for a few minutes before polishing it off. If I have been on a night out and am wearing more makeup than usual, I repeat the process again.
I think the Cleanse and Polish is worth the extra time and effort of having to apply the cream and then buffing it off with the muslin cloth, and I think the price tag is definitely worth it aswell, my 100ml bottle has lasted me three months and I still have a little bit left.

I don't use these products every day, but I use each of them once a week as part of my evening routine, usually the mask on a Tuesday and the exfoliant on a Friday.
I got both of these samples in my October Glossybox. The mask is nothing special to me, it just makes my skin feel extra clean and refreshed, which I suppose is a good thing but I'm sure there are other cheaper masks that are just as good. It smells a little funky to me as well...
The thermafoliant, however, is amazing!
A problem I find often with exfoliants is that there aren't enough exfoliating beads in them, so it doesn't feel as though it's actually doing anything to my skin when I'm massaging it on to my face. This exfoliant, however, contains lots of tiny grains; it is almost like a paste when you squeeze it out of the tube. You can definitely feel it working when you apply it, it is certainly an intense exfoliator, and it leaves your skin feeling so so smooth afterwards. I absolutely love it and I wish that I could afford to buy the full size tube but the price tag is a bit too steep :(

Tea Tree Oil

I have loved Tea Tree Oil since my spotty 14-year-old days. My acne used to be horrendous on my forehead, but using this seemed to make them go away somewhat fast. Now that my skin has improved a lot, I just use it to dab on to the odd break out I get, and it tames it a little bit and dries it out. I love the smell of it as well haha. The bad thing about Tea Tree Oil is that it can be very drying on your skin, so I make sure I moisturise afterwards.

Liz Earle Skin Repair Light Moisturiser 50ml £18.25 and Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser 125ml £3-4

After waiting for the Tea Tree Oil to absorb into my blemishes a little bit, I moisturise. I like that both these moisturisers are light, meaning that they won't be too oily on my skin, however, I find that the Liz Earle moisturiser is still a little bit heavier than the Simple moisturiser, so I like to use this one at night time so that it can soak into my skin over night. The Simple moisturiser is nice just to slap on in the morning to prep my skin for makeup.

So that is my daily skin care routine :) I hope you find my little reviews helpful, but feel free to comment below if you have any questions :)

Have a lovely day!