Saturday 21 June 2014

Behind the Scenes: Mocks Road Trip Photo Shoot.

Last week I was invited along to join the Mocks team and have a behind-the-scenes nosy at their fashion shoot in Wales. Mocks are a new take on moccasin-style shoes with a more up-to-date edge to them, available in an array of colours and designs and giving subtle nods to the designer world but without the designer price tag, with some of their models featuring Louboutin-esque red soles or Vivienne Westwood-style bows. Made with a waterproof and 90 degree washable "mocklite material" and coolmax technology to keep your feet feeling fresh all day, these shoes are becoming a staple Summer piece (can I also just add that they smell nice?!).

With the photo shoot based around the idea of a Summer road trip, the locations chosen were perfect. Accompanied by Jessie the VW Campervan (which was my mode of transport for the entire trip- I was living the dream, guys), our four gorgeous models and the lovely photographer for the shoot, Katie worked their magic at capturing essence of the adventures of four friends in the British countryside. Of course, a shoot in the British countryside wouldn't be legit without having to take cover under a gazebo when the heavens decided to open and running out to capture a few shots in the ten minute intervals that the grey clouds would part to give us a little bit of sunshine. Despite the unpredictable weather, however, the team trooped on and made the most of the showers torrential downpours by capturing some impromptu "running-from-the-rain" shots (I couldn't help feeling sorry for the models dressed in shorts and crop tops, it isn't always glamorous, you know!)- besides, it was a chance to show off the Mocks in all their waterproof glory!

After a ten hour day, it was wrap up time and we headed off for dinner and to spend the night in Pontins, which although it hasn't changed a single bit since I last visited back in the '90s and is now dubbed the ghetto of all holiday parks, took me on a nostalgic trip back to my childhood. Honestly though, who didn't love Pontins when they were eight?

The weather took our side a little more on day two of the shoot, just as well as we were shooting on Talacre Beach and we had spent the evening praying that the rain had passed. Fortunately it had and we had blue skies and dry sand dunes to accompany the picnic shoot which I did a great job of eating the props for. Overall, the second day was a lot more relaxed and everybody had a bit more fun- plus tying balloons to the back of bicycles and attempting to ride them in the sand calls for a lot of laughs!

After around twenty hours of prepping and shooting, hundreds of photos and at least thirty pairs of Mocks later, it was time to call it a day. Thanks so much to the Mocks team for taking me along on their shoot; I love to experience on-location shoots first hand and it was great to get to know the team who did an amazing job- I can't wait to see the shots!

Have you heard of Mocks before?

Frances x

Sunday 1 June 2014

Event: Katy Perry Prismatic Tour @ Phones 4u Arena, Manchester

Last Tuesday, the lovely Chess from Phones 4u invited me along to watch Katy Perry as her Prismatic Tour hit Manchester with a few other bloggers, and not one to turn down live music and a good party, I hopped on a train to the Phones 4u Arena. Met by Chess, we hopped the queues and were led up to one of the private suites that caters for up to fourteen people, where we were greeted in true Katy Perry party style, by pink foil streamers, balloons and an abundant amount of food. We had an hour to enjoy the champagne reception before the concert started so we made use of the time to mingle, get Katy Perry inspired makeovers and manicures by Frankie and Ashleigh and dig in to the buffet that was provided by the venue, consisting of bacon and cheese burgers, hot dogs, curry and canapes (we were very well looked after!). Of course, I had to leave room for the cakes. The amazing people from Manchester's favourite Home Sweet Home provided a "Double Rainbow Tea Party" of not one, but SIX huge cakes that looked like they could have been props for the California Girls music video; all adorned with golden party rings, Haribo sweets and edible pictures of Katy Perry's face, as well as a cake stand of iced donuts and brownies filled with marshmallows and flying saucers. Needless to say I don't want to even look at another cake for quite a while (I'm definitely lying). 

The lights dimmed and I carried my food cake baby out on to the viewing balcony to watch Katy Perry's supporting act, Icona Pop (admittedly I had no idea who they were until they brought the room to their feet with their hit, I Love It [I Don't Care]). I have always been one of those people who likes to get up close and personal in the crowd at gigs with a standing ticket, so I didn't know what to expect being so high up in a viewing box, but the view was great and it really puts in to perspective the size of the audience that these musicians perform to (they've got GUTS). 
I've never been the biggest Katy Perry fanatic but I knew that she wouldn't fail to put on a great show. From a giant golden horse, tap dancing cats, floating emojis and at least five or six costume changes including an outfit lined with neon lights, a hot pink "Kitty Purry" costume and a huge firework-printed ballgown, it's safe to say that the concert was quirky, colourful and fun, just as expected of Ms. Perry. She ain't half bad at performing live, either.

Unfortunately I had to leave a little early to catch my train back home, but the lovely girls from Phones 4u sent me away with a little goody bag and more (!) cake. A huge thank you to their team for putting on such an amazing party for us bloggers! <3

Have you seen Katy Perry on her Prismatic tour? Have you watched a concert at the Phones 4u Arena?

Frances xx