Friday 30 August 2013

Outfit: Arizona Eagles.

Jumper: River Island | Shorts: Topshop via Charity Shop | Shoes: Nike C/O Get The Label* | Hat: River Island | Socks: Primark | Necklace: Republic | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelet: Fashion Union | Bag: C/O Marc B.* | Phone Case: C/O Casetagram*

Nobody understands how much heartache and suffering this jumper has caused me. Weeks were spent walking in to River Island and falling in love with it over and over again, only to have to put it down and reluctantly walk away due to the £40 price tag hanging off it; oh the woes of an unemployed graduate. However, after a few weeks of this cycle I cracked. Denying myself this beauty any longer would only lead to further disappointment when it sells out, so I stomped in to River Island, debit card in hand, and moments later walked out feeling dignified but full of remorse, and a further £40 in to my overdraft. We only live once, right?

It's early days yet, but I see this outfit becoming a staple as the weather starts to get a little cooler. Even though I was sweating in the 22 degree heat today taking these photographs, I felt so in my element. I do love a good dose of Summer, but I am definitely an Autumn/Winter girl at heart. I have missed my chunky knits, beanie hats and dark lipsticks over the past few months. Also a lover of a bit of faux fur, I can't wait to dig out my beautiful winter coat again, and I am also happy to welcome these oh-so-comfy and warm Nike Blazers (which are a steal from Get The Label at just £49.99) in to my A/W wardrobe.

Are you a Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter kind of girl?
*DISCLOSURE: Starred items are PR samples.

Barburrito Master Class.

(Notice the two cheeky faces in the bottom left hand corner if the window haha!)

I've experimented with and picked up a fair few talents over the years; drawing, dancing, singing, playing the guitar, video editing, moon walking, six step and baby freeze, and that thing where you throw M&Ms in the air and catch them in your mouth... My latest? Burrito making. Yes, that counts as a talent.

I was invited along to Barburrito in Liverpool with my blogging faves, Laura (Heroine in Heels), Danielle (A Blog From Blackpool) and Fikki (The Pastime Bliss) for our very own Burrito Masterclass. We were greeted by the lovely manager Pablo who showed us over to a table that was set out with a tray of tortilla chips and different salsa dips, which always makes for a good first impression for some very hungry bloggers.

Joined by Barburrito's mastermind mascot, Derek the Donkey, Pablo took us through the history of Barburrito and told us a bit about their products. Everything is made fresh on the day, don'tcha know? And there are no nasty things added in to the ingredients either; definitely makes Barburrito a winning fast food chain for me! We also got the chance to sample everything on the menu which was a bit of a dream for me- I am one of those people who wants to try everything at least once, and I was able to come to the conclusion that steak, shredded beef or pulled pork are my burrito fillings of choice for future reference. Also, the brown rice, spicy beans and guacamole are to die for, in case you can't decide what to go for ;)

Finally, once we were all educated on the basics of burrito-making, it was time to get stuck in and make our own. After snapping on a pair of oh-so-fashionable plastic gloves, we were taken behind the counter and set free to create our own burrito masterpieces. I opted for a burrito with a bit of everything brown rice, spicy beans, shredded beef, mushrooms, hot salsa, jalapenos and a little sprinkling of grated cheese. Admittedly my fillings tried to escape a few times during the wrapping process but I got there in the end. I must say, I'm quite impressed with myself- What do you think?

I think Barburrito is definitely becoming one of my new guilty pleasures (or not-so-guilty? It IS healthier than McDonalds or KFC!). They are super tasty and surprisingly filling, so I think I can forgive them for their slightly steeper prices. You can read my review on my first ever Barburrito experience here.

Have you ever tried Barburrito?
*DISCLOSURE: Me and the girls were kindly sent on this experience free of charge for review purposes :)

Sunday 25 August 2013

Outfit: Relax, Take It Easy.

Vest top: Primark | Cardigan: C/O Diesel* | Jeans: H&M | Shoes: Converse | Bag: C/O Brand Village* | Sunglasses: C/O Firmoo * | Necklace: Topman | Ring: Republic | Bracelet: Fashion Union | Watch: Michael Kors

Does anybody else remember that song by Mika? Who has just opened Spotify for a nostalgic cringe-fest? I promise that wasn't the inspiration for the title of this post though. Admittedly it was either that or Fifty Shades of Grey.

This outfit has recently become one of my go-to "effortless" outfits. Even the most fashion-obsessed girls require a break from high heels and pretty dresses, and just want to throw their hair up in a top knot and keep the makeup to a minimum, so we all need those wardrobe staples that are comfortable and easy whilst still looking stylish. Diesel know what I mean. Teaming these clever little basics with my trusty converse and some of my favourite jewellery, I don't think anybody would guess that I had just rolled out of bed half an hour ago.

What are your go-to wardrobe staples?
*DISCLOSURE: Starred items are PR samples.
Friday 23 August 2013

Outfit: Kaleidoscope.

Two Piece Suit: C/O Karma Clothing* | Jacket: Daisy Street | Shoes: C/O Tribeca Shoes*| Sunglasses: C/O Firmoo* | Clutch bag: C/O Couture Crush* | Rings (L-R) Republic, C/O The Accessory Stand* | Watch: Michael Kors via Ernest Jones | Earrings: Republic

They've been on the rails in shops and worn by everybody and their nan for months and months now, but this is the first midi length skirt I've owned. Being a shorter girl, the thought of wearing a skirt that cuts my little legs off at an awkward length terrifies me. However, after the cool and quirky kaleidoscope-like print on this two-piece suit from Karma Clothing caught my eye, I decided to conquer my fashion fears and you know- I think I actually might quite like it. The print definitely does all the talking here, so I kept my accessories plain and simple. Teamed with a pair of heels to elongate my legs, I think I'm good to go. 

Do you like the midi-length trend?
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Afternoon Tea at Cuthbert's Bakehouse.

For the longest time I have loved the idea of Afternoon Tea, associating it with being grown-up and sophisticated and patriotic and British. After reading Laura and Caroline's review of Cuthburt's Bakehouse I knew I had to finally bite the bullet and experience it for myself, so when I found out that one of my lovely old friends, Vicki, was back up from Oxford visiting her family, I just had to steal her for an afternoon and we hopped on a train to Liverpool for Afternoon Tea and of course a spot of shopping.

Cuthbert's Bakehouse is based right in the middle of Mount Pleasant, just a short walk away from my old uni building; it's a surprise and a bit of a shame I didn't discover it during my three years there. It's the quaintest little place with its vintage-looking deco; antique chairs and tables, cute mis-matched wall hangings, plus an old sweet shop-style counter, on top of which stood cake stands displaying their mouth-watering cake and scone offerings. It's quite small inside too; for some reason I had imagined it to be bigger, but this just added to the homeliness of the place.

Vicki and I were seated before promptly being asked which tea we would like to start with from the selection on their menu. I opted for the Fruit Punch tea whilst Vicki kept it traditional with the Scouser's Breakfast. It arrived quickly, shortly followed by what we were really there for- the cake stand containing an amazingly generous selection of sandwiches and sweet treats. The bottom tier contained the savouries which included seasonal sandwiches plus miniature salmon & cream cheese and roast beef & horseradish bagels which I made my way through quite quickly before moving on to my french macaroon and my fruit scone which was, of course, served with clotted cream and fruit jam. It was at this point when I wondered where I was going to fit the final tier of cakes and pastries. Admittedly, I was feeling a little guilty as this week has seen me completely stumble off the healthy-eating wagon, and here I was stuffing myself with more cake, haha! However, when faced with a miniature Victoria sponge, almond custard cake and a slice of sacher torte complete with a chocolate dipped strawberry, somehow your waistline becomes the least of your worries. Back on track tomorrow, right? ;) Needless to say I didn't need another meal all day.

I thoroughly enjoyed feeling like a sophisticated little lady for the afternoon and I think Afternoon Tea has definitely become a new pleasure of mine. I wouldn't hesitate to go back to Cuthbert's Bakehouse or recommend it to anybody looking for Afternoon Tea in Liverpool. At just £12 per person (£15 if you fancy adding a cheeky glass of Prosecco) it is an absolute steal for the amount of yummy food you get, plus lots of tea! I really want to go back and try their "New Yorker" Afternoon Tea, which offers an array of American classics, including a meatball sub, New York-style cheesecake and my personal favourite, Red Velvet.

Have you ever been for Afternoon Tea?

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Outfit: Purple Ash.

 Dress: Cheap Monday C/O Surfdome* | Jacket: Daisy Street | Boots: C/O So You Shoes* | Necklaces: Topman | Rings: Republic | Bracelets (top to bottom): Rock 'N' Rose, C/O Miss Gee Kay* | Floral Headband: Primark

Okay, so my outfit post from the other day must have unlocked the inner festival fashionista in me as this is another outfit that I can't help but think belongs in a grassy field, accompanied by a live Indie band, a soft-serve ice cream cone and a can of Magners. I love this loose-fitting Cheap Monday dress that I spotted on Surfdome; it is one of those "throw on" pieces that I like to reserve for days when zips, buttons and lacey bits are just too much effort. Teamed with a pair of chunky boots and some full-of-attitude spiked accessories, I think it makes for the perfect punk rocker-meets-ethereal chic festival outfit.
I love this dress so much I currently have my eyes set on the grey version also- Even though Surfdome typically specialises in surf and skate gear as well as beach cover-ups, they do have some hidden gems amongst the pages that are perfect for every day wear. If you would like to check out what they have to offer you can do so here.

Have you been to a festival this year? 
*DISCLOSURE: Starred items are PR samples.