Thursday 2 July 2015

Frances Cassandra Arcala Coyne

Frances Cassandra Arcala Coyne

13th June 1992


28th June 2015

The Greatest Daughter Any Parent Could Wish For.

We have so many people to thank for all the support and love that has been given to us during this terrible time.

It is an impossible task to name and thank each of you personally, so many came together to offer assistance and friendship, especially to Frances' mother, Amy.

To the Filipino community, your love and warmth was overwhelming. We live our separate lives, we see each other often just passing in the street but when one of the community needs a friend, the selfless nature of the Filipinos' floods forward to help and protect their fellow people. These selfless actions are a tribute to the loving kind nature and strong bonds that Filipinos' possess, you are all remarkable people.

To all Frances' friends, thank you for all the kind messages sent via social media, over 1000 via twitter alone. To those friends that personally came to offer your condolences, to hear your words about your friend Frances truly made us proud that our daughter had such beautiful kind people in her life, again thank you, please keep in touch.

Many of the organisations, companies, and agencies that gave such kind recognition of the work that Frances had done for you, we would like to thank you for all your kind words. Frances was such a talented young woman and loved all the opportunities offered by you, thank you.

To Annabel Viar, the tribute slide show that you made was so beautiful, it chronicled the life of Frances wonderfully. You took the songs of Frances singing and her beautiful photos and produced the most fitting tribute one could ask for, thank you.

To Shane Murray, you were the greatest of friends of Frances throughout all her life. I am so grateful that you and Frances had done the musical video of your fabulous composition, “Do you Believe”, that showed Frances just how we all like to remember her, smiling and happy. Your special tribute song that you wrote for her was fabulous, you are the most talented musicial

To Patrick, Frederick, Shane, Kristian and Simon. I need to thank you for helping me to carry our daughter on the final yards of her journey, you all were very brave and during those final steps, Frances was surrounded by those who loved her so much – Tony

Whilst Amy had the lovely support of the Filipino community, I would like to thank those that helped me, personally, so much.

Ian Hampton, you are such a wonderful man. Your kindness and support, you shared my grief, we laughed, we cried, you were there for me unconditionally, thank you . Theresa Hampton, you are a superstar at all times, words can never describe the comfort and help that you have given.

Bob May, your wit, humour and strength of character helped greatly to at least divert my attention briefly from the tragedy before me, I thank you Bob, you are a good friend. - Suzzane May, you are always a whirlwind of positive spirit, thank you.

Rick “Joe” Jackson, thank you, your presence is always a pleasure for me, we have had our moments of difference but you have always been there for me in time of need, thank you - Tony

Peter Gurney, thank you for your time to come and see me. I wish we had longer but I truly appreciate your friendship. - Tony

My cousin, Mike Taylor and my dear friend Neil Webb. Let's keep in touch more, you have been a part of my life for many many years, I thank you for all your love and support. - Tony