Wednesday 26 December 2012

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas everybody! I am sorry that I kind of disappeared off the blogging radar the past week, it turns out I was more unprepared for Christmas than I had first anticipated, so the past few days have consisted of me running around like a headless chicken turkey trying to finish off my Christmas errands (I was still wrapping presents yesterday morning. Yep).
Now that I have stuffed myself full of turkey dinner, cake and cheese and crackers, my blogging schedule should return to normal- I have so many things lined up to blog about! Oh, and please let me know if you would like to see a Christmas present haul; I know they can be quite controversial but I will do one if anybody is interested :)
So, I know it's late, but I hope everybody had an amazing Christmas and that you got everything you wished for and more. I also hope you ate and drank so much that you are sprawled out on your sofa like a beached whale, just so that I am not the only one.
Thursday 20 December 2012

Outfit: Black and Grey

Jumper: C/O AX Paris* | Shorts: C/O Lavish Alice* | Boots: C/O Tribeca Shoes* | Headband: H&M | Bracelet: Fiorelli

Just as I think that I am finally getting back in to the swing of blogging, my laptop decides to give up on me! That explains my absence for the last couple of days, but my laptop is now running on life support until I can get it taken to be looked at, so hopefully it will hold out for a few more days!
I have also been patiently waiting this week for a day with no rain but since there has been no such luck, I braved the storm (slight exaggeration) to take these photos today, so I am sorry for the gloomy, wet setting :( 

I absolutely love these two items of clothing- I have practically lived in this jumper since I got it- It is really soft and I love the paisley-esque print on it that livens up a black and grey outfit. These fringed pleather shorts are amazing too, they are really different from any pair of shorts I have had before and I can't wait to rock them more next summer! For now I think they look fab with a jumper tucked in and they add a little bit of edge!

I hope you like my outfit! :)
*DISCLOSURE: Starred items are PR samples.

Sunday 16 December 2012

LUSH SPA Liverpool.

On Friday, I met up with Laura and Alex and we ventured down to the V.I.P. preview of the brand new Lush store and spa in Liverpool, which is the sixth Lush SPA to open in the UK and it also the biggest in the world!

We were greeted by the lovely staff with a glass of champagne and some mince pies and were left to freely roam around the new store, which like most other Lush stores has a lively atmosphere and is filled with stacks of colourful soaps and bath bombs that look and smell amazing! If you ever visited the old Lush store in Liverpool, you will remember that it was tiny and cramped- This one is huge in comparison which makes it much easier to get around.

The main attraction to the new Lush, however, is not the shop floor. We were taken upstairs where they house their brand new spa area and entered what looked like a quaint little cottage in the English countryside. In contrast to the busy shop floor below, the atmosphere is quiet and serene, and we were joined by the calming sounds of English folk music and birdsong, composed by Simon Emmerson. Lush have teamed up with Simon and behavioral therapist Lady Helen Kennedy to create an atmosphere and treatments that will stimulate all your senses and leave you feeling great physically and mentally after your experience.

We were first gathered around a table where there sat a glass jar that was filled with fresh fruit and herbs. This marks the beginning of your treatment. The Lush assistant poured some hot water in to the jar which created an explosion of mist due to the added dry ice and let off a mild fruity aroma. The "potion" is then left to brew throughout your treatment to create a refreshing tea for you to drink afterwards. We were shown around the five treatment rooms where they were demonstrating a few of the treatments that they have to offer, such as:

Synaesthesia (80 minutes, £125): Lush Spa's signature treatment. Choose a word to describe how you want to feel (e.g. brave, energized) and Lush will do their best to take you there by manipulating all your senses. The treatment will be tailored entirely around the word you chose, including the massage, the sounds you can hear, the scents used and the taste of the tea that they give you afterwards.

The Lush Sound Bath (60 minutes, £65): Tuning forks and singing bowls will be used in this treatment to accompany the relaxing music by Simon Emmerson and free your mind of all the worries and chatter whilst you enjoy a hot/cold stone facial and a scalp massage.

The Comforter (60 minutes, £65): This is the newest addition to Lush Spa treatments and consists of a hot chocolate body scrub followed by a rose-scented massage that will leave you feeling relaxed and your skin gently nourished.

These are just a handful of the treatments that Lush has to offer- There is something to suit everybody, whether you want to free your mind from all the stress, a relaxing facial or a full body massage. I know I would definitely like to go back and try out The Good Hour treatment or the Validation Facial. Visit the Lush website or head down to the store to find out more about the treatments and get yourself booked in! A Lush Spa voucher could make the perfect gift for somebody this Christmas :)

Have you been to a Lush Spa? Which treatment tickles your fancy the most?

Saturday 15 December 2012

Butter London Nail Lacquer in Scouse

It has been a long time since I last did a nail polish post, and after spending my morning bending over backwards trying to take photos of this one, I was reminded why. It is so difficult to capture the true beauty of duochrome/ glitter polishes- This is one that you will definitely have to go and look at yourself (or take my word for it- it is truly stunning!).

This is my first dabble in to Butter London nail polishes and I am very excited that I get to share this shade with you. Butter London have released this polish exclusively to celebrate their launch in to Beauty Bazaar, Harvey Nichols in Liverpool, and how aptly named it is!
It is described as a royal blue and indigo duochrome polish with pink, purple and blue microglitter. The colour was inspired by the sky and the sea of the coastal city after which it is named. I am not usually a fan of blue nail polishes on myself, but the pink and purple micro glitter that is evident in certain lights makes it a shade that would be suitable for most skin tones.

I have heard a lot of hype about Butter London nail polishes and I am impressed with how this one applies- It takes three coats to make it opaque but it applies evenly and dries fairly quickly. One or two coats of this polish over another colour could also create a stunning effect.

Butter London's Scouse can be picked up in store at Beauty Bazaar, Harvey Nichols, Liverpool or online from the Harvey Nichols website for £12.00. Butter London polishes are slightly on the pricier side but I think this one would make a great stocking filler for any Liverpudlian or lovers of the city.

*DISCLOSURE: PR sample. My opinion is still 100% honest and my own.
Thursday 13 December 2012

Outfit: Red Velvet.

Dress: C/O Lavish Alice* | Jacket: Miss Selfridge | Boots: C/O Tribeca Shoes* | Necklace: Topman

I have wanted a velvet dress for so long and now I finally have one, thanks to Lavish Alice! I couldn't have found a more perfect one either, I absolutely adore the colour (it also comes in navy), the heart cutout detail on the back, and the sweetheart neckline. This dress is definitely going to become a staple item in my wardrobe over winter, it is one of those pieces that can be layered up with a leather jacket or a jumper on top for the day time, but it can also be dressed up with a pair of chunky heels for a night out!

Are you loving the velvet trend this season?
*DISCLOSURE: Starred items are PR samples.

Wednesday 12 December 2012


You may have seen me wearing my new Uniqlo long sleeved shirt in my previous post, but I thought I dedicate a full post to telling you about their new range of products.

The Uniqlo Heattech collection is a revolutionary range of men's and women's clothing, including tops, bottoms,  underwear, socks and tights, and accessories, such as scarves and leg warmers. The pieces in this collection are specially designed to bring together function, innovation and fashion. They contain a blend of rayon fibres and milk protein which naturally retain heat and keep it from escaping, therefore keeping you nice and warm.
When I took the pieces of clothing that I was sent to try out out of their packaging, I was confused about how thin they were and thought that they couldn't possibly keep me warm, however I was very pleasantly surprised.  Being a person who is usually always cold, I definitely felt a difference in how warm I was. As they are so thin, they are perfect for layering- I always slip my top on under long-sleeved jumpers!

For the Christmas season, Uniqlo Heattech have also created a collection of cute cashmere blended winter accessories such as hats and gloves to help keep you even warmer in the freezing temperatures. Throughout the holiday period, any two items that are priced at £9.90 are available to buy for £14.90. I love the look of the faux fur pieces and I think the accessories would make great Christmas presents!

The whole range of clothing is very affordable with prices starting at £7.90 and can be found here.

Have you tried anything from Uniqlo?
*DISCLOSURE: PR Samples. My opinions are still 100% honest and my own.

Tuesday 11 December 2012

Outfit: Baby, It's Cold Outside.

Coat: C/O Daisy Street* | Top: C/O Uniqlo* | Disco Pants: C/O SheLikes* | Shoes & Necklace: eBay | Gloves & Headband: H&M 

If only I could get away with wearing this outfit every day until next Summer- I absolutely hate being cold, but I have to admit to feeling a little stuffy whilst out in the two degree weather today, thanks to this little ensemble. My top is actually a thermal top from a brand called Uniqlo- I definitely give it a thumbs up and I have a lot more to share with you about it but that's for another blog post. The star of today's post is my new faux fur coat from Daisy Street! I picked this at the blogger event I attended a couple of weeks ago and I was so excited when it arrived at my door, I was wearing it within two minutes of tearing it out of the packaging! It is honestly the softest and warmest coat I have ever owned and it feels so luxurious to wear.

How are you keeping warm in the freezing temperatures?
*DISCLOSURE: Starred items are PR samples.

Monday 10 December 2012

Review: Kiss Like Daisy.

Today, I have some super cute accessories to show you from a brand that I have only recently discovered, called Kiss Like Daisy. Each piece is designed by the founder, Katy Louise, and is hand-crafted or machine stitched with love and care. Kiss Like Daisy specialises in making cute bow necklaces or bun bows, like the ones I picked out myself. I chose these simple black leather ones as they would match a lot of my outfits, but they are available in lots of bold designs too, such as floral print or stripes! I absolutely adore the bow necklaces- they are unlike any kind of jewellery that I have seen before! Also, as well as necklaces and hair bands, Kiss Like Daisy makes super cute giant bow headbands, hats and printed turbans which I currently have my eye on!

If you would like to take a look for yourself at what Kiss Like Daisy have to offer (and why wouldn't you?!), you can visit their website [here].

Have you heard of Kiss Like Daisy before?
*DISCLOSURE: PR samples. My opinions are still 100% honest and my own.