Tuesday 10 January 2012

Guest Blogger: Make-up Organisation

Today, the lovely Emma from Jolie Visage is going to share with you her make-up organisation. I hope you find this useful! :)


Hello beautiful people,
Today I am blogging about my make up shake up which you can see here and how I organise my makeup.

Before I start, I would also like to apologise for the lack of picture quality - i am experiencing camera problems so all of the pictures have been taken on my Blackberry, not the best camera in the world and also for the makeup marks that appear in the photos, I swear they are not that bad in real life the camera seems to make them a hell of a lot worse!
Aside from that, enjoy! :)x


This step is very minimal for me, I tend to do this as I go along so I know what I need and am able to use everything so I thought I should do a joint blog for this and...


This step is the one that will feature most heavily in this blog. So away we go...

All of my makeup is stored in a chest of drawers on wheels so it is very easy to pull out and take into the living room to organise while I watch television. I can also pull out the drawers very easily so I can take a whole drawer and do my makeup in another room.

I do not know what this is called but I know it is from IKEA if that helps anyone.

And this is what it looks like...

As you can see there are 3 drawers. The top two are of the same size and are much smaller
than the third which is considerably larger.

So let's look at each drawer individually

This first drawer is the face drawer.

It contains foundations, concealer, primer, corrector, setting spray, blushes, bronzers and powders.

My foundations are kept in a box I bought from TK Maxx, from which I removed the lid. I also keep a loose blush/bronzer combo in here because I am afraid that it might spill if placed anywhere else and it also stops the foundations from lying on their sides so the product can easily come out.

This is all of my bronzers and blushes. They are stored in a little container than come in set of three from the pound shop.

This is a my "concealer box" although it also contains primer and  a corrector stick too. This is an old box I used to keep my hair curlers in.

These are my powders stored in a pink basket which I got in a set of two from again, the pound shop.

And that is my full face drawer.

Now onto the eye and lip drawer.

This eye and lip drawer contains lipstick, lip gloss, cheek and lip tints, eyeshadow, mascara, my carry around bag, a massive eyeshadow palette and eyeliner.

This is the eye section and the pink bag is my carry around bag that contains things I take around with me on a daily basis.

Now this brown holder originally package 3 body shop body butters before I decided it fitted better in my make up storage. I hold the kind of everyday eye products in here, and it changes often depending on which look I'm into. Mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyeshadow primers usually reside here.

If you remove the pink bag and brown holder, then you can see that underneath there is a massive eyeshadow palette with 77 colours! And in the back there is a mini winter palette with some lovely wintery colours.

The lip part of set up goes like this lipsticks and balms and tints to the left lip glosses and such to the right.
The left is a packaging from a gift set and right is a simple Tupperware box. I have so many lip glosses so this is the only thing that will fit them.

And finally... THE BOTTOM DRAWER.

Apologies for the glare here...

This is more of a storage drawer than anything else. This contains spare brushes, unopened makeup, makeup not right for the season, hair things and even unopened beauty products.

The silver box you can see above looks like this on the inside...

This is my party make up box, as you can see it is full of fake nails and lashes.

Underneath that layer it is full of crazy colours I would never wear during the day and that would just make it harder to get ready in the morning. This box is from an old perfume set.

This box contains all of my spare brushes I don't normally use. My mum made this box from the box my MAC delivery came in for my 14th birthday.

Behind that is the bag where I keep my hair sponge rollers, and you can see at the edge I keep my elf lip book down the side of this drawer.

These are all unopened skincare goodies behind my box of unopened makeup goodies shown here...

This box contains all of the makeup I haven't opened yet or that doesn't suit me at this time of year (many face products are too dark just now). I like to keep them separate and use up what I have before I open anything new.

So there is is my makeup collection and storage and STEP 1 and 3 in my Make Up Shake Up, I hope you have enjoyed reading it. And watch out for Step 2 coming soon.

And also I would like to thank Frances for letting me post on one of my favourite blogs.

Love Emma :)x


  1. you're so organised, I just keep everything together in a big messy box on my counter lol x

  2. Great setup :) The makeup bag with the flamingos on it is so cute! xxx

  3. Hey hun :) I have given you a blog award http://sweet--rachel.blogspot.com/2012/01/cute-blog-award.html xx

  4. Definitely think I need to take your example and apply it to my own makeup collection at the moment it is the biggest mess you will ever see!


    1. thank you, organisation makes my mornings so much easier :)


      Emma xxx


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