Thursday 29 December 2011

FOTD: Effortless.

I'm not the kind of girl who spends hours in the morning getting ready, I much prefer to keep it simple unless it is for a special occasion. This is the sort of makeup I wear on an every day basis; no eye shadow, just winged black eyeliner (sometimes I even skip this step), and a bit of colour on my lips that I switch around depending on how I feel that day, though I have been loving this dark fuschia colour this winter. I would usually just use a bit of concealer on my spots and under my eyes, but on a particularly bad skin day (like today) I like to get out my Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector for that extra little bit of coverage. This makeup routine usually takes me no more than fifteen minutes to do, meaning I can spend longer in bed!  :)

Makeup I used:

-Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream (Light)
-Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer (Light)
-Rimmel London Powder Blush (Smoked Oyster)

-Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (Black)
-Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara (Black)

-MUA Lipstick (Shade 2)


  1. Lovely post! Simple is the way to go for every day, definitely. I am also a black eyeliner fan! X

  2. Simply yet still pretty!
    Love this look, allot of people should start doing make-up like this rather than caking themselves in it(:

    Great post

  3. My default makeup is black winged eyeliner so I LOVE seeing other girls rocking it too - I must say I'm no where near as good at mine as you are though! You look beautiful here - so naturally pretty!


  4. Stunning! You have such amazing skin - I love the lipstick :) that shade really suits you!

    Lovely blog by the way - I'm a new follower :) hope you had a lovely Christmas!


  5. You are stunning! And I'm exactly the same I hate spending ages on my makeup in the morning, I'd much rather spend the extra 10 minutes in bed! ♥

  6. So pretty, love your lipstick <3 xxx

  7. i love the lipstick on your complexion!

  8. @nik: Aww thank you, lovely, that's so nice :) x

    @Sharon: Thank youu! :) x

    @Sparkly Flamingo: I agree! Black eyeliner is such a staple product x

    @xXxStundonxXx: Thank you, lovely :) x

    @Nicola: Thank youu! :) I agree, less is more! x

    @Sarah: I think winged eyeliner is such a classic look :) Aww I'm sure you are haha, thank you! x

    @.x.Sarah.x.: Oh trust me, I think the lighting washed out most of my flaws, my skin is far from amazing haha! Thank you, lovely :) x

    @Bethany: Thank you :) Lie-ins definitely for the win! x

    @Stylish Kid and nana: Thank youu! :) x

  9. Love this look so natural and sleek, you are so pretty hun. Loving the colour of your lippie ever so festive xx

  10. Gorgeous look, you're soo pretty!! :)

  11. WOW you are grogeous! Loving the simple eye and dramatic lip, really suits you!

    Phoebe x

  12. This makeup looks really nice on you. You're lucky you've got amazing skin!!


  13. wow you look lovely! that can't be a bad skin day haha, very nice :) xxx

  14. Love love love the makeup, so pretty x

  15. Gorgeous fotd! The MUA lippie looks fab on you xx

  16. Oh my god your eyes! They're so big! Stunning.

  17. @Danielle, Alex and Phoebe: Thank you, loveliess! :) x

    @Anca: Thank you! My skin is far from amazing, trust me! Haha x

    @Tammy: Haha, honestly, the lighting must have washed out all of the spots on my face. You can see a cheeky little one at the side of my chin haha :P x

    @Blaming Beauty, Tamsin and Victoria: Thank you lovelies! :) x

  18. You look so pretty! Absolutely love your lip colour! <3


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