Monday 26 December 2011

Christmas Haul

I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday, laughed lots, ate and drank until you almost burst, and got everything you wished for. Today I am going to show you the things I received. Of course, I am in no way doing this to brag, I just thought that some of you would be interested in seeing what I got. I'd love to see what all of you got, so if you have done a post like this, be sure to link me to it :)
I hope you are all having a nice, restful boxing day, or a successful shopping trip if you are hitting the sales!

SPA Foot Treats
Ferrero Rochers
Guylian Chocolates
Lush Stardust Gift Set
Love Hearts Sweets
Nail Polish Remover
Collection 2000 Cream Puffs (Cotton Candy and Angel Delight)
Barry M Nail Paints (Silver Cascade, Mushroom and Dusky Mauve)
Marks and Spencer Perfection 6 Piece Makeup Brush Set
Tangle Teezer
Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner
Unbranded Makeup Set (Two makeup brushes, eyeliner, mascara, lipgloss, eyeshadow)
Furry Animal Ears Hat
Faux Leather/ Jersey Biker Jacket

If anybody would like to see a more indepth post/review on any of these items, please let me know!

What did you get for Christmas? Are you hitting the Boxing Day sales?


  1. Oooh loving the leather and fur! And all those yummies ofcourse :)
    I got myself a new camera so I will be blogging like crazy from now on hehe
    Boxing day sales were abit of a let down today, but I managed to get myself a cute ring for £5 :) have you done any shopping?

  2. such lovely presents! I still need to try the cream puffs! xx

  3. @jennifer june: Ooh that's nice :) haha, yeahh they were a bit of a let down for me as well :( I did get a nice pair of jeans though which is good! x

    @Karen: Thank you :) You do, they're so good! x

  4. Wow,awesme gifts I'm drooling over ur lush products haha. Thanks for sharing,will share mine when am well 2mr or Wednesday got flu past 48hrs its keeping me in bed.

    U have a wonderful blog,am a new follower

  5. @Sharon: Oh no! Get well soon! I will check your blog out though :) x

  6. awesome presents, my favourite is the Lush Gift Set! The bubble gun lip scrub is really lovely.

    Merry Christmas,

  7. Love that LUSH set. I picked myself up one this year. Really want one of those tangle teazers as well but I don't think they sell them here in Australia :-(

  8. Mmmmm Ferrero Rocher...
    I think I only ever eat these at Christmas time. But oh so many. mmmm...

  9. @Anca: Thank you :) I love the lip scrub, it smells and tastes so good haha x

    @clickyourheelswithme: I'm sure you will be able to find a Tangle Teezer or something similar in Australia, have a good search on google! :) x

    @BooBooNinja: Me too! I have two boxes of them to get through this year! x

  10. You are going to love that gel eyeliner. It's amazing. I bought it back in Feb and it hasn't dried out yet. Much better than an high end gel eyeliners in my opinion.

    I am following :)
    hhhmm Ferrero Rocheee hehe :)

  11. Woah the lush box is amazing! Very jealous of that. Looks like you got some lovely things! X

  12. Lovely post your pressies look amazing. Just taking photo's of mine now :) How are those brushes as they look great?

  13. @A&Beauty: I tried it out yesterday, it seems really good, I think I am going to like it :) x

    @Lola Loves: Haha I have the box open in my room, my room now smells like a Lush store! x

    @Charlee: Thank you :) I'll have to check your post out once you put them up! The brushes are actually really good, they're so soft :) x

  14. lovely things here hun, i bet the leather jacket looks amazing on. hope you had a great christmas xx

  15. you got some lovely things :)
    i got a tangle teezer too and love it! xx

  16. sorry i had seen your comment before posting the above!

    I didn't think anyone would realise what the alien thing was, brings back memories from when i was 11! :)
    The lens is a f1.8 50mm canon one, never had one like it before, so its all new to me.

    I hope your enjoying your presents too and still savouring whats left of christmas! xx

  17. Please do a chocolate review :)
    It could be a comparison of the most popular chocolate goodies eaten at Christmastime.

  18. Aww what lovely presents! Glad you had a good time!

  19. @Danielle: Thank you :) I love the jacket, I needed a new one, I've had my old one for over three years! x

    @T.Rose: Haha, oh god, I was obsessed with those jelly aliens when I was little! Ooh, very nice :) x

    @BooBooNinja: Haha, I think I'd feel very sick from eating all the chocolate, but I can tell you that Ferrero Rochers, Guylians and Lindor chocolates are the best! :P :) x

    @Nicola: Thank youu! :) x

    I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! :)

  20. the leather jacket is absolutely amaaaaazing, and i love the tangle teezer in the purple glitter colour!! Hope you had a good christmas :) x

  21. owww you got some lovely bits! The lush stuff looks nice! Xx

  22. Lucky :)


  23. OOOH! LUSH!
    So cool, I got my mom one of the lush christmas boxes for well, christmas. The closest LUSH to me is in Canada, so I got it from there :)

    We should totally follow eachother! Check out my blog, what do you think? ^-^

    God bless,

  24. @bigbenbigapplegirl: Thank youu! I love the jacket so much and the Tangle Teezer is amazing :) x

    @Claire Louise and Stokely: Thank you, lovelies :) x

    @Christine: Ooh that's nice :) I don't know anybody who wouldn't like to receive some Lush goodies! :) I will check out your blog x

  25. WOW! I'm actually really jelous! Looks like you had a fab time! The brushes look like they're really good quality! Hope you had an amazing Christmas! :) ♥

  26. Ohhh, amazing stuff! I absolutely LOVE that faux leather jacket... do you know where t's from?! x x

  27. Lovely bunch of pressies :) Barry M polishes look very interesting. I love these kind of colours :)
    I have done a blog post with Christmas presents too. It would be lovely if you had a look :) xxx

  28. Lovely presents! I've really enjoyed reading other peoples posts to see what lovely gifts they've received!

    I'd love to read more about the make-up brushes as I'm looking at getting some ones next year but I'm not too sure what's best to go for xx

  29. look at all that new make-up goodies.looks great. :) i got some lovely new make-up myself :) i would love to see a review on the make-up brushes please and the cream puffs. i've always had my eye on those. haha

    i have my own beauy blog over at It would mean so much if you would pop over and follow.I would gladly return the favor. Let's support each other since we're both beauty bloggers and i read on 1 blog you were half filipino but i'm 100% filipino.random i know but who else will support each other right? looking forward for your visit and to get to know you and your blog. Higs and kisses.

  30. @Bethany: Aw thank you! The brushes are actually quite good :) I hope you had a good Christmas too :) x

    @Rachel: The jacket is lovely, I've really needed a new one... it's from Miss Selfridge! :) x

    @Beauty World: Thank you, I love the polishes, they're very different to the colours I already had :) I'd love to read your post :) x

    @.x.Sarah.x.: Thank you! I will definitely do a review on the make-up brushes some time in the next week or so :) x

    @diane: The make-up brushes are on my list of items to review and I will put the Cream Puffs on there too, though I can already tell you that I adore Cream Puffs! :) Oh really? It's nice to meet somebody else here with a Filipino heritage :) I will take a look at your blog x

  31. Oh wow lovely christmas presents you received :) :)

    Thanks for blogging :)


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