Wednesday 7 December 2011

Swatches: MUA Lipsticks

I was in Superdrug yesterday because I'd heard about MUA's three new shades, Shade 14-Bare, Shade 15-Juicy and Shade 16-Nectar (It looks like MUA are finally starting to give each shade a name rather than just a number!). I found that Juicy and Nectar were both pastel coral shades (one slightly more orange than the other), which would be better for Spring/ Summer, so I didn't buy them. I picked up Bare, however, as I have been looking for a nice nude lipstick, and I thought I would make a post with swatches of all the MUA lipsticks I own for you :) They're really cheap at £1, and quite good quality for that price; they're perfect for if you are just starting out with makeup or you don't wear lipsticks that often.

 L-R: Shade 14 (Bare), Shade 11, Shade 2, Shade 7, Shade 5

 Swatched on my arm,  L-R: Shade 14 (Bare), Shade 11, Shade 2, Shade 7, Shade 5

 Shade 14 (Bare): This is one of MUA's three new pastel shades which they released at the end of November. It's quite a nice nude for light- medium skin tones, it doesn't make your lips look too much like "concealer lips". It does cling to dry, flaky bits though, so use a good lip balm before you apply this.

 Shade 11: For me, this is a "my lips but better" shade; it's my all-round favourite. I'd class it as a brownish- pink so it looks quite natural on the lips but brightens them up a bit and has a glossy finish.

 Shade 7: This is very similar to shade 11, but slightly more orange-toned than brown. It is quite a bright, coral-y shade, perfect for summer.

 Shade 5: This is my least favourite out of the MUA lipsticks that I own. It looks like a light, glittery pink in the bullet, but I find that my lips are already too pigmented for it, so it is a bit of a "nothing" colour on me, it just adds a bit of a glittery sheen. This one also highlights the dry, flaky bits on your lips.

Shade 2: This one is my favourite shade for this season. It is slightly darker in real life than it is on the photograph (see the swatch on my arm above). It is a cross between a plum and a fushcia shade and I think it looks really nice in the winter or for a night out. It also makes me teeth look whiter :)

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions, feel free to ask :)


  1. I like the first one the best! I just started following you. I've recently started another blog please check it out? say hi if you do! :)

  2. @Hannah: It is a nice nude shade :) Thank you! I will check out your blog :) x

  3. i should really of picked some of these up by now! Thanks for sharing the colour swatches :)

  4. @T.Rose: They're really good for the price you'd pay for them :) x

  5. Oh my gosh. I love MUA! Especially the lip products. Quite like your blog<3 could you check out my Blog I did a mua post quite far back in the posts


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