Saturday 24 December 2011

100 Things: 31-40

Part Four of the 100 things I love/ that make me happy :)
(Pictures from We Heart It)

31. The feeling when you get home after a long day out.

32. Hand written letters.

33. Watching people's faces light up when they open a present.

34. Fuzzy socks.

35. Remembering something funny that happened ages ago.

36. (Faux) Fur.

37. Bubble baths

38. Christmas dinner.

39. Ballet

40. Fresh bed sheets.

Can you believe it is Christmas Eve?!
I have just been running around town with my dad finishing our Christmas shopping because we always leave it to the last minute haha. I just have to wrap everything now and then I think I'm done :)
I just want to wish my readers an amazing Christmas! Make sure you eat and drink lots and I hope you get everything you have wished for! :) If you don't celebrate Christmas then I just hope you have a wonderful time spent with those closest to you!
I will be back after tomorrow with loads to blog about! :)
All the best Christmas wishes,


  1. I also wraped all the presents today, I like it better when its closer to the night and I'm in the spirit :D.

    Merry Christmas

  2. Christmas dinner...YUMM ;) Hope you had a wonderful celebration with loads of presents :) xxx

  3. @coralista: Haha, I agree :) It makes me feel so rushed though! x

    @LinasBeautyDiary: So good! Thank youu :) you too! x


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