Friday 30 December 2011

100 Things 41-50

Part five of 100 things I like/ that make me happy :)
(Pictures from We Heart It)

41. Organisation

42. Flowers

43. Lush Products

44. Listening to songs I used to love but haven't listened to in a long time.

45. Handshakes when meeting somebody new.

46. Tarsiers.

47. Being somebody's confidant.

48.  Cheese.

49. When people say cheesy/ corny things.

50. Concerts.

What do you like/ what makes you happy?
If you have a post like this, be sure to link me to it :)


  1. I like these posts :) looking forwards to the next installment haha xoxo

  2. Lush products! Love those so much! Cute post(:

  3. In 2012 I plan to actually start using lush products. I love the smell of them but keys feat that my skin will react badly to it. Sod that I am going to try some of their delicious smelling products out in the new year! Great post as always! X

  4. i read these and can always relate to them! i wish i could keep my room as tidy as the first picture but it just never happens, especially with my floordrobe!
    i love your choice of pictures!

  5. i think i might do one of these things :) just gotta pin point 100 things that make me happy!

  6. Brilliant post! I did 13 things that make me happy following a picture I found on we heart it, but love the thought of thinking of 100! I heart Lush :-) xx

  7. These posts are such a great idea!!

    Happy New Year!


  8. i love organisation too great pics hun xx

  9. Aww this post is so cute :) I love going to concerts and to be honest, I get to get my ass to another one soon. Your blog is lovely, I'm a new follower :)


  10. i really like this post, i havent done one yet but i think i might have to do one !!

  11. Oh yes, I totally agree with organisation, but it always makes me feel slightly odd admitting it in public! Great post!

  12. @Annie.n: Thank you :) x

    @Nicola: I think I've recently gained a bit of an obsession with Lush haha! x

    @Lola Loves: Aww, give them a go, they will have something to suit your skin :) x

    @Tammy: Haha me too, my bedroom never looks that tidy! x

    @Mel: Thank you! :) x

    @Charlotte: Do it! I'd never be able to think of 100 things in one go haha, I take it a week at a time! x

    @Sparkly Flamingo: Maybe you should do a list of 100 as well haha :P :) x

    @Anca: :) Happy New Year to you too! x

    @Danielle: Thank you! :) x

    @Forever Miss Vanity: Me too, I haven't been to one in what seems like a really long time! Thank you :) x

    @Oliviapatriciaa.x: Definitely do, I'd love to read it :) x

    @Chrissy: Haha, I love to be organised! I just hate finding the motivation to get started haha :/ x

  13. Just been reading you 100 things :)) Love these posts :)) Fab idea.Thanks for sharing xxx


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