Monday 5 December 2011

Christmas Gift Guide- Men

I can't lie, I have just had the most stressful time putting together this gift guide, why are guys so difficult to shop for (please tell me I'm not the only one, I seem to be "blessed" with having the most fussy men in my life haha)?
I have posted a couple of my own wishlists on here which may help you with christmas gifts for girls, so I thought I would make this post to suggest some gifts for the men.

I think watches are always a good gift for guys, as long as they suit the style of the person you're buying it for. These are a couple of my favourites that I found- I even like the Casio watch for girls aswell.

Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but I love Cool Water fragrances. I think it is a classic, refreshing scent for guys; a few of the men in my family wear this.

I love trapper hats on both men and women, I think there is style that suits everybody and they help keep your ears warm :)

My dad loves The Jelly Bean Factory jelly beans and he gets some from my grandma every Christmas haha. I think this dispenser would make the gift a bit more fun :)

If the man you're buying for isn't afraid to try something new and likes to be pampered, maybe treat him to some stuff from Lush? Not all of their products have girly appearances or scents, some of them are even targeted at men.

So there it is, my Christmas Gift Guide for Men. I hope it was helpful for you and that most of you have guys in your life that are easy to buy for haha :)
I might put together a gift guide of presents under £10 soon, let me know if you would like to see that :)


  1. Nice guide! I've been thinking of what I should get for my dad and brother. Thanks! Cute blog by the way! =)

  2. am definitely getting the bf some Cool Water aftershave this year, love the smell! x

  3. @Dphenice: Thank you :) I hope this helped! x

    @Ell: It's so nice :) x

  4. That first watch is AMAZING.

  5. @Neeny: Gorgeous, isn't it? Not too sure on the price though :( x

  6. Thanks for doing this because I have been totally stuck with what to buy!


  7. Thanks for the gift ideas! I LOVE the Casio watch!
    I'm considering purchasing myself one now too :)

    xx à la mode

  8. @Josie: I hope it helped! :) x

    @Denise: I want one for myself aswell haha! x


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