Thursday 1 December 2011

November Favourites

Time for my first ever monthly favourites post :)

HD Brows Palette
This has been a favourite of mine since I received it in the September GlossyBox, and could stay a favourite for many months to come but since I haven't made a monthly favourites post before, I thought I would include it. This palette is all I need for my eyes on a typical day (except for mascara!). I got the palette in Bombshell, which wasn't ideal seeing as I am brunette with an olive skin tone. However, I find that a combination of the two bottom shades is ideal for filling in my eyebrows, and then I use the same two colours as eyeshadows and the black to line my eyes.

Dermalogica Age Smart Multivitamin Thermafoliant
This is another sample I received in a GlossyBox and I love it. Never has an exfoliant made my skin feel so soft and smooth after using it. I won't be happy when this runs out, I don't think I can afford to purchase the full size :(

Original Chapstick
So this isn't the most glamorous product in my November favourites haha. My mum picked it up for 20p when Asda were having a crazy sale on their makeup and skincare. I wasn't expecting too much of it to be honest, it was just a Chapstick, but this has actually saved my lips this month. My lips suffer the most in the cold weather and this has stopped them from being dry and flaky, even more so than my beloved pot of cherry Carmex.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
This is another product that could always be in my monthly favourites. This makes my skin feel so clean and has helped a lot to clear up my breakouts.

Lush Hottie Massage Bar
I have had this for a couple of months now but I have used it more religiously over the past month. I use this as a moisturiser on my legs and it makes them feel so hydrated. It can be a little bit greasy and sticky at first as it essentially a massage oil, but when that subsides, my legs are really silky. I also absolutely love the smell of this, it's vanilla-y and also a little bit spicy.

What have your November favourites been? If you have made a post similar to this, link me to it, I'd love to see :)

EDIT: How could I forget this?!

Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Cream (Angel Delight)

I bought this some time right at the end of October/ beginning of November and I am very nearly ready for a new one I think, I have worn it that much. Matte finish lip colours are my favourite kind, and I love this as it is also moisturising, and not drying like most matte lipsticks. I picked up Angel Delight, as I wanted a nude colour but I thought Powder Puff would be too pale for me. I love this colour though, and would like to try out the other three.


  1. Great Post! I have that lipgloss/cream too! It's amazing! <3

  2. I would love a HD brow kit, I pencil mine in so they are nice and thick. Quite scouse brow haha x

  3. nice blog! i'm following :) followback?

  4. The Brow Palette looks very useful!

  5. @Ellie: Thank you! It is, I love it! :)

    @ Gem and Eugenia: It is definitely a good little kit :) Well worth the money if you buy one, I think, it's such good quality.

    @sparklethat: Thank you :) I'm going to check out your blog :)

  6. eek- i must buy the lush hottie massage bar, the smell sounds really nice, and it's summer in new zealand so i've been looking for something to keep my legs really moisturised after too many hours in the sun!

  7. Great post, love the products you've mentioned! Also can't go wrong with a 20p chapstick! :) xx

  8. @rootitaboti: I couldn't stop smelling it when I first bought it haha, go and get one! :) x

    @Katie: Thank you! :) x

  9. For the Lush massage bar - do you find that it get used up very quickly?

  10. @Hi I'm Jane!: No, not at all, I've used mine loads this month and you can see how much is left :)


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