Monday 12 December 2011

What's In My Bag?

I've seen quite a few bloggers do a "What's In My Bag?" post and I love to read them, so I thought I would do my own :) I guess this could be quite a dull post, as I have recently cleared my bag out of all the old receipts and other random bits and bobs that have collected in there over the last few weeks. I hope you enjoy having a little nosey at what I carry around anyway :)

 This is the bag itself; I carry this one round on a day-to-day basis. I really need a new one as this is just a bag that I picked up from Primark for about £8.00 just before I started uni again. I do like it though, and I can fit quite a lot in to it.

I need to buy myself a new purse aswell, this one is falling apart a little bit. I bought this from Primark about a year and a half ago and it holds all my notes, cards and spare change.

Makeup Bag
I got this little Dermalogica makeup bag in my October Glossybox and I think it's a perfect size to carry around with me in my bag. I always carry a few hair bands, hair grips and a lip balm in my makeup bag, and the rest I just throw in depending on what makeup I am wearing that day. Today I have my Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer, my Rimmel London blusher in Smoked Oyster, and my MUA lipstick in Shade 2. I always keep a few perfume samples in there aswell :)

Passport, Gym key, Pen Drive, Pens and Highlighter
I can never be bothered with a pencil case so I just throw my pens and pen drive in the front pocket of my bag. I keep my gym key loose aswell so that I can find it easily whenever I go to the gym. I carry my passport around with me aswell as a form of I.D. as I don't have a drivers licence :( I hate carrying it around in case I lose it!

On here I have my house key, my university flat electronic key fob, my room key and the key to the mail box. I also have the name key ring that my sister-in-law gave to me, and a teddy bear key ring which I bought when I went to New York :) It used to have "I heart NY" on it's front but it rubbed off :(

 Hand Cream
I got this Arbonne hand creme in my November Glossy box and thought it was good size for my hand bag so now I always have it in there. I have been needing a hand cream to keep my hands from chapping in the cold weather aswell, and this one is pretty good (apart from the smell- it reminds me of orange flavoured medicine).

 A Book
I carry a book in my bag to read on train journeys. I am usually on the train for at least half an hour  when I am travelling between university and home and I find train journeys to be so boring. At the moment I am reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter :)

And finally, this is my retro iPod which sadly died today :( I have had it for about five or six years and it has been on it's last legs for a while but now it won't stay on for more than five minutes, even after a full charge :( God knows what I am going to do whilst I am travelling until I can get a replacement.

So that is everything I carry in my bag :) Feel free to ask any questions, and if you have a post similar to this, post a link, I'd love to read it :)


  1. I love reading these post too, haha. And I'm sorry to hear about your iPod :( I love the old large retro iPod's, they're so prettyyy..

  2. Aww RIP Ipod! Always upsetting when something you use all the time breaks :(

  3. your bag is pretty hand bag is organized but it is stuffed with lots of sister says the only thing i need to carry as well is a washbasin.

  4. @iemilyw: They do look nice, I agree :) Mine is all scratched now though :( x

    @Becks: I know :( especially when you don't know when you can get a replacement! x

    @benish: Haha, it won't be for long, I only cleaned it out the other day! x

  5. love love MUA lippys!
    Lovely blog,
    Em xx

  6. @Emma: They're really good for the price, aren't they? Thank you! :) x

  7. i've got a what's in my bag post coming up. it's one of my favourite tags to watch/read!

  8. ahh I got that hand cream in my GB too, I thought it'd suck but i really like it :D The bag is gorgeous! I'm sorry about your ipod! :( Maybe just sing really loud while you're traveling to make up for it? ;) xxx


  9. I love this! I am going to do that for my next post! Great idea... my bag will have lots of receipts and straw wrappers lol :)

  10. @what the shoe: Cool :) I'll check it out! x

    @Maisy: Yeah me too, I think it's good but I just hate the smell! Haha, I don't think that would go down too well :P x

    @Corryn: Do it :) Haha mine would have been full of receipts if I hadn't cleaned it out! x

  11. I love being nosy and seeing what people have in their bags. This is a really great tag may do this one myself ;) xx

  12. love these kind of posts, this was really interesting to read! think i will do one myself soon xoxo

  13. great blog! I love your bag, and I'm planning on doing a 'whats in my bag' post on my blog to. you can go check it out if you'd like! xx

  14. @Charlee and Annie: Haha, me too! :) You should! x

    @Natalie: Thank you! Cool, I'll check it out :) x

  15. Omg I use my passport as ID aswell, always freaking out that I'll lose it but I always get asked for ID so have no choice!! Must check out that Jodi Picoult book

    Denise x

  16. @Niesey: Yeah, me too! The book isn't actually by Jodi Picoult, it's by Kim Edwards, but it is a really good book :) x


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