Saturday 3 December 2011

Weekend Wishlist

As usual, my urge to do some online window shopping has taken over, and I have spotted a few things that I really like. I didn't want to wait until Wednesday to do a Wednesday Wishlist so here is my Weekend Wishlist :) I have included the links to where you can buy all these things from.

I saw Anna from Anna Saccone wearing these on one of her recent blog posts and I fell in love with them. I have been looking for some boots with a small wedge heel to add a little bit of height to me (I'm a not-so-tall 5ft 4) and these are perfect. They are available on ASOS and have been reduced down from £50.

Everybody and their gran owns this bag that is available on eBay. It is a replica of the very expensive Alex Wang studded bag. The eBay seller now includes an option to buy this bag with a long handle attached aswell, which I really like.

I love simple little bracelets that I can layer up. However, I am going to have to dream about owning this one for a very long time as it is extremely pricey. I'm not even sure it's worth that much for what it is. Scouring eBay I found a lot of much cheaper alternatives so I may just purchase one of those.

I couldn't decide which colour I prefer this dress in so I included them both haha. I am absolutely in love with it and every time I see it I just want it even more. I think it's perfect for a night out this season.

This is probably one of the most raved about pieces of jewellery in the blogging/ YouTube world. It was originally in Topshop but it sold out really quickly, and now the same is happening with this ASOS version. I don't think I am going to be able to buy it before it sells out :( so I need to raid eBay and Etsy to see if I can find one cheap enough there (if anybody finds something, let me know!).

These are another raved about item. I need a pair of simple flat shoes because all I own at the moment are boots and heels. I love things with studs on them so these are perfect for me.

I wish I had the money to buy all these items :(
What have you been lusting over lately?


  1. Cool Blog!! I love the stuuded Topshopm loafers and bottom studded bag!!

  2. @Fianna: Thank youu :) I love studs x

  3. OMG! I've been dying to get my hands on the Topshop evil eye ring but it's always sold out!
    Thank you so much for the ASOS link! :)

    xx à la mode

  4. @Denise: No problem :) I think it's always sold out on ASOS aswell now though :( x

  5. love the blog babe!

    newest follower :D

    xoxo Effy


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