Sunday 20 May 2012

Week in Instagrams #13

Quite a heavy Instagram post this week, I found myself just snapping pictures of random things. Despite that, I haven't really been up to that much, I went for a mooch around town and charity shopping earlier in the week, and as I haven't had a night out for a while I decided to venture in to town with some old school friends for drinks last night :)

1. This made me laugh when I got it. I doubt my mum would appreciate a Words With Friends game for Mother's Day.

2. These curtains aren't great for mornings when I want a lie-in as the sun shines straight through them :(

3. Checked out the new Essie stand in my locals Boots! 

4. My new blog design done by the lovely Felicity.

5. A Montagne Jeunesse Travel Pamper Pack to try out. A review will be up in the next week :)

6. Got way too excited when this fell through my letter box. Too cute!

7. Bacon and Cheese stuffed mushrooms.

8. My ombre/dip-dye nails :) See my post on them here.

9. Fell in love with this Lipsy maxi dress in a charity shop for only £7 but didn't pick it up because I didn't know if/when I would wear it. Definitely regretting leaving it there!

10. Hit 800 followers this week, so happy! Thanks everybody :D

11. Smoked kipper and rice for dinner.

12. This is good stuff!

13. Tried the new Magnums. So good but very sickly!

14. Chicken and cheese pitta with fruit juice for breakfast :)

15. My lip saviours at the moment.

16. My night out last night resulted in me randomly purchasing a photo keyring. I don't even know two of the people on it.

I hope you have all had a lovely week! :)


  1. Haha I love looking at the food people eat in these posts! Looks good!!!!
    x x

  2. Nice photos :) I have mine which came through the letter box too! Very cute.
    Your curtains must be good for waking you up naturally though! I hate waking up in the dark!


    1. Haha it's so cute! And they are, that's one plus I suppose, although I don't have much of a reason to be up early any more now that I have finished uni! x

  3. This sounds like a very cool week :) lovely blog as always!

    Nafisah xo

  4. Looks like you had a cracking week! All the tasty food is making me hungry. Is half 11 to late to whip up a toastie? I hope not! xxx

    1. Haha I have the same problem when looking at pictures of food on people's Week in Photos posts... It's never too late for a toastie though! :) x

  5. Great photos! I love posts like these! :)

  6. You know you've had a good time when you've had a picture taken with two random people in it :D
    Fibi x

  7. Ah I see me in the pic of your followers :) haha xx

    1. Haha oh yeah! Thanks for helping me get to 800! :D x


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