Friday 18 May 2012

(Guest Post) Review: Montagne Jeunesse Shine Control Mask.

This is the last review in my series of Montagne Jeunesse Skin Heroes range reviews. As it is the Shine Control mask and I do not have oily skin, I decided to pass the mask on to another blogger who would be more suited to it. Say hello to the lovely Nadia from Dressing Table Delights, who kindly offered to review this mask for me; make sure you check out her blog! :)

Firstly, here is what Montagne Jeunesse say about their new range:
Are you having a skin problem? Do you need help? Do you always ask yourself ‘which mask shall I use for my Oily/Dry/Spot Prone/Blackheads or T-Zone Skin? Fear not our NEW Skin Hero Range has landed and are raring & ready to fight for your right to clear, healthy skin the natural way; it’s your weekly essential for healthy, gorgeous, problem free skin.
These are the products in the range:

The 'Shine Off' masque, part of the Montagne Jeunesse new Skin Heroes range, claims to 'balance the skin' which is great for me as my t-zone area is extremely oily whereas the rest of my face is relatively normal - not too dry or oily. So I was interested to see if this would banish my excess oil and balanced the rest of my skin out to create an even base.
These new masks have two steps; the mask which is used first, and a moisturiser for afterwards. 

The mask: the consistency of this was great - not too thick or thin! It was so easy to apply a thin, even layer all over the face. The mask is a tan 'skin' colour and dries to a cream/white colour so you easily see when it is fully dried and the smell was weird - subltle hints of 'fruit' with a clay mask smell - not pleasant nor too bad. It says to it on for 15-20minutes which was exactly how long I left it on for and it was completely dry (I used less than half a packet which was plenty!). As it was drying it felt extremely tight, like i couldn't even move my mouth without it cracking tight, I personally don't mind that feeling but if you do then this probably isn't for you. Once dried it was fairly easily to remove with a cloth and warm water. My skin didn't feel tight or dry once removed, it felt more 'plump' and as it claims.. oil free! 

The moisturiser: I used less than half of this too as I found it to be extremely thick and moisturising. Despite it's thickness it was easy to rub in and absorbed really quickly leaving me with hydrated yet matte skin at the same time (why can't all moisturisers be like this?). Half the packet was more than enough to moisturise my whole face and neck without feeling greasy.

For the next few hours my face was pretty much oil free, but after about 3 hours the oil started seeping back - much better than if I didn't use it though! I think this mask would be great for a quick fix before an event or something where you really need to keep shine at bay! The moisturiser actually made a great base for makeup and my skin overall felt much smoother. Overall, this is really nice for some pre-party pampering and there's enough product for two - bargain!

The Montagne Jeunesse Skin Heroes range is now available in ASDA stores, and they are a steal at just £1.49 per sachet. You can also purchase Montagne Jeunesse skin care products online at their website, postage only costs £0.50p, or is completely free if you spend just £7.50! And as a bonus, all of their products are suitable for vegetarians and they look to use natural ingredients to give your skin the TLC it needs!

Are you a fan of Montagne Jeunesse? What is your favourite product?

*PR Sample.


  1. I didn't know there was such a thing as a two-steps mask! Interesting!

    1. Yeahh, they just have moisturiser to put on after the mask to keep your skin hydrated and smooth :) x

  2. I love their mask's, I remember using them on sleepover's when I was really young!
    Can't wait to try some of their new range! xx

    1. Same, I always used to use them in my early teens when I had friends round haha :) x

  3. Interesting mask's) New follower;)


  4. Great post Nadia! Lovely idea for you to have a guest post Frances. I actually have this mask but completely forgot to try it out yet and this review has made me want to use it asap!



    1. Thanks Sarah, I think she did a great job on the post :D Ooh give it a go :) x

  5. I love this range of masks! I have tried a couple. I always need to find time to do these... I'll make sure to try this one soon! I also have combination skin and an oily T zone so any help would be lovely! And also I find the general pamper process quite relaxing!
    thanks for the review!

    1. I love them too, I'm a big fan of Montagne Jeunesse :) Have you tried the T-Zone peel off mask? I quite like that one :) x


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