Tuesday 20 March 2012


Firstly, I apologise for the cluttered background; one thing about Outfit of the Nights is even if I did have somebody to wander around outside taking photos of me in the evening, the lighting would be awful. Therefore I have to make do with taking photos in my living room, and not a corner of my house has a plain wall to stand against so I just have to make do with this and hope you all don't mind too much!

Anyway, this is what I wore for my St. Patrick's night out. I'm not wearing green, I know, green just isn't a colour that makes an appearance in my wardrobe that often. I did accessorise with a green necklace and earrings though :) I never thought I'd wear this scalloped edge bird print top on a night out, I bought it to wear during the day when it gets a little warmer, but I think it worked with this stripey bodycon skirt that I bought from the lovely Sarah(FashionismyH20)'s blog sale. These pictures were taken in a bit of a hurry so I didn't have time to take close up photos of my shoes and jewellery, so again I'm sorry for that!

 Top: Internacionale (Current season)
Skirt: H&M via FashionismyH2O
Shoes: New Look
Jewellery: Dorothy Perkins
Bag: Primark

I hope you like my outfit :) Did you do anything for St. Patrick's Day?


  1. lovely outfit, you look gorgeous! xoxo

  2. You look amazing, love your hair too!


  3. Looking gorgeous as always, the top is lovely x

  4. i love that skirt on you, here u look like christina ricci =) gorgeous

    1. Thank you! Ooh I've never been told that before haha, I take it as a compliment though :) x

  5. Love the outfit hun you look lovely as always xx


  6. Lovely outfit, you look beautiful Xx


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