Friday 16 August 2013

Review: Hugo Boss Deep Red Women's Eau De Parfum

In all honesty I'm not a fussy girl when it comes to perfume- As long as it won't make me smell like a farmer's field, chances are I'll like it. Being an Autumn/Winter girl, however, I do gravitate towards sensual, musky scents that are more associated with the cooler months as opposed to refreshing, citrus fragrances, which is why this one is right up my alley.

Just the name, "Deep Red" called out to me as a perfume that I would really like, so despite having never smelled it before, I decided to give it a whirl. Suitably, it comes in a sleek and sexy curved bottle in a deep crimson shade, which is frosted so that you can just see how much product you have left.

The fragrance itself is surprisingly sweet as it has fruity top notes of blackcurrant, pear and blood orange which I would never have guessed, but they are detectable once you go looking (or sniffing) for them. They are toned down, however, by base notes of sandalwood, cedar, vanilla and musk, which are notes that feature in all of my favourite perfumes.

I would recommend Hugo Boss Deep Red to anybody who enjoys sweeter fragrances that are woody and warm. I think this one is perfect for Autumn/Winter, but it is also a great night-time scent for all year round- I love wearing it when I am going on an evening out somewhere. It is an Eau De Parfum so I find that it is strong on application but fades out nicely to leave you smelling gorgeous all day long.

You can pick up this fragrance, along with lots of others, for £27.00 (30ml) at Essential Fragrances.

Have you tried Hugo Boss Deep Red? What is your favourite type of scent?
*DISCLOSURE: PR sample. All opinions expessed are still 100% honest and my own.


  1. This sounds wonderful, I adore my fragrances :)
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

    1. Me too- I have a little collection and I want more! x

  2. good review, very true


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