Friday 30 August 2013

Barburrito Master Class.

(Notice the two cheeky faces in the bottom left hand corner if the window haha!)

I've experimented with and picked up a fair few talents over the years; drawing, dancing, singing, playing the guitar, video editing, moon walking, six step and baby freeze, and that thing where you throw M&Ms in the air and catch them in your mouth... My latest? Burrito making. Yes, that counts as a talent.

I was invited along to Barburrito in Liverpool with my blogging faves, Laura (Heroine in Heels), Danielle (A Blog From Blackpool) and Fikki (The Pastime Bliss) for our very own Burrito Masterclass. We were greeted by the lovely manager Pablo who showed us over to a table that was set out with a tray of tortilla chips and different salsa dips, which always makes for a good first impression for some very hungry bloggers.

Joined by Barburrito's mastermind mascot, Derek the Donkey, Pablo took us through the history of Barburrito and told us a bit about their products. Everything is made fresh on the day, don'tcha know? And there are no nasty things added in to the ingredients either; definitely makes Barburrito a winning fast food chain for me! We also got the chance to sample everything on the menu which was a bit of a dream for me- I am one of those people who wants to try everything at least once, and I was able to come to the conclusion that steak, shredded beef or pulled pork are my burrito fillings of choice for future reference. Also, the brown rice, spicy beans and guacamole are to die for, in case you can't decide what to go for ;)

Finally, once we were all educated on the basics of burrito-making, it was time to get stuck in and make our own. After snapping on a pair of oh-so-fashionable plastic gloves, we were taken behind the counter and set free to create our own burrito masterpieces. I opted for a burrito with a bit of everything brown rice, spicy beans, shredded beef, mushrooms, hot salsa, jalapenos and a little sprinkling of grated cheese. Admittedly my fillings tried to escape a few times during the wrapping process but I got there in the end. I must say, I'm quite impressed with myself- What do you think?

I think Barburrito is definitely becoming one of my new guilty pleasures (or not-so-guilty? It IS healthier than McDonalds or KFC!). They are super tasty and surprisingly filling, so I think I can forgive them for their slightly steeper prices. You can read my review on my first ever Barburrito experience here.

Have you ever tried Barburrito?
*DISCLOSURE: Me and the girls were kindly sent on this experience free of charge for review purposes :)


  1. Ha this is such a good idea and looks like such a fun day! I'm a terrible cook so no matter what mine would have gone wrong!

    JaynieShannon | UK Beauty & Style Blog


  2. Wow that looks and sounds super fun. You've just made me SO hungry for a burrito, they sound delish :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. Oh yummy! I've never seen a burrito restaurant before, I love how everything is laid out for you and looks so fresh and tasty! I don't know about you but when I hear the word 'shredded' it makes the food much more appealing! Ha. Will have to find my local restaurant I think :) x

  4. This looks like so much fun, everything looks so tasty!

    I'm running a giveaway on my blog, if you'd like to enter you can check it out here :)


  5. loVE bURRITO the one that we have in Manchester

  6. this sounds like Chipotle (my favorite place to eat) but with more things to choose from..looks yummy!!


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