Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Review: Marks and Spencer Make-up Brushes.

Another over due request, I'm sorry!
I received this make-up brush set for Christmas, and shockingly, it's my first proper set of make-up brushes. Before I got this, I owned a really crappy little blusher brush and a single Fraulein eyeshadow brush, and that was it, so I was definitely excited to try out this set

(I'm sorry for the poor photographs, as most of you in the UK will probably know, the weather this week hasn't really allowed for good natural lighting :( )

L-R: Foundation brush, blusher brush, concealer brush, eyeshadow brush, lip brush, eye brow/ lash comb.

I think that these brushes are actually quite good quality for the price you pay for them. I think it is a perfect set for people who are just beginning with make-up as it contains all the basic brushes you need and they all have what they should be used for printed on the handle. They are all hand made using super soft natural hair or synthetic bristles, and don't lost their shape after they have been washed. If anything, I found that these worked better once they had been washed, I found the foundation brush very flimsy the first time I used it, but once it had been used a little bit and washed a couple of times it became a bit easier to work with.

I particularly like the blusher brush, it is the perfect shape and size for applying blush to the apples of your cheeks. Because it is tapered I also use this to contour my cheekbones. I am also very impressed with the eyeshadow brush; it is very dense making it good for packing colour on your eyelids.

All the brushes feel very soft against the skin; nobody wants scratchy brushes! I have also experienced no bristle fall out so far, which is always a good thing.

This set of six brushes can be bought from Marks and Spencer for £22.50. They also do a set of four which doesn't contain the concealer brush or lash/brow comb for £15.00, or you can buy each brush seperately for between £5-10. Again, I would mainly recommend this set to anybody who is starting out with make-up or make-up brushes as I think they will form the perfect basis for your collection :)

Have you tried Marks and Spencer make-up brushes?


  1. I've never actually tried any M&S brushes but they look lovely and durable. I may have to purchase some so I can rotate my others!


  2. i didn't even know marks and spencers did make up brushes! thanks for letting us know x

    1. Oh you're welcome, I would never have thought about M&S for make-up brushes either haha! x

  3. I never would have thought of M&S for things like this!

  4. Too bad we can not order it France, because it looked interesting set.

    1. Ohh that's a shame :( I'm sorry you can't order them there! x


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