Tuesday 7 February 2012

101 Things in 1,001 Days.

I have seen quite a few bloggers make one of these lists and I decided I really wanted to try it out  myself. This is just a list of goals, some little and some big, that I want to try and achieve by November 4, 2014, starting from today. I will change the colour of the text to red when I have completed a goal, and to blue when it is in progress. Keep track of my progress here.
Wish me luck! :)

001. Finish my degree.
002. Get a job.
003. Find my own place.
004. Attend a blogger meet up.
005. Go to IMATS.
006. Make another YouTube video for my music channel.
007. Start making YouTube videos for my beauty channel.
008. Make a vlog channel.
009. Apply for my provisional driving license.
010. Get driving lessons.
011. Pass driving test.
012. Discover five new bands/ musicians that I love. (1/5)
013. Eat at TGIs.
014. Raise money for charity.
015. Go on the London Eye.
016. Learn to be confident.
017. Learn to cook a Filipino dish.
018. Go to New York.
019. Go to Canada.
020. Have professional photographs taken.
021. Ombre dye my hair.
022. Customise 5 items of clothing.
023. Win something. (20.2.2012)
024. Be able to do the splits again.
025. Get eyebrows properly shaped.
026. Get a gel manicure.
027. Go camping
028. Go to Winter Wonderland.
029. Buy something nice for everybody special to me.
030. Go to a music festival.
031. Buy a domain.
032. Get a tattoo.
033. Get a belly button piercing.
034. Get a nape piercing.
035. Paint a canvas.
036. Learn a new language to a conversational level.
037. Sing in front of an audience.
038. Try a new foreign food.
039. Successfully bake a red velvet cake.
040. Do some more media-related work experience.
041. Go ice skating.
042. Learn to play five songs on the piano.
043. Tell somebody I love them.
044. Kiss in the rain.
045. Save £1,000.
046. Tidy my bedroom properly.
047. Write an album (music).
048. Redecorate my bedroom.
049. Start doing ballet again.
050. Watch some kind of sport (not on TV).
051. Give up fizzy drinks for two months.
052. Read all the Harry Potter books.
053. Watch all the Harry Potter films.
054. Tone stomach.
055. Go to a fancy dress party.
056. Find a good, close knit group of girl friends.
057. Whiten my teeth.
058. Hold another blog giveaway (Launched 05.4.2012).
059. Reach 750 followers on Twitter.
060. Hand write a letter to somebody.
061. Play the Final Fantasy games.
062. Read 100 books.
063. Reach 500 posts on my blog.
064. Make some different kinds of jewellery to sell.
065. Successfully soft boil an egg first attempt. (14.2.2012)
066. Fill a sketch pad with drawings.
067. Get better at voicing what is on my mind.
068. Have at least five inches trimmed off the ends of my hair.
069. Try hip hop dance.
070. Watch at least 20 Tom Hanks films.
071. Scan old photographs on to my computer.
072. Visit Ireland.
073. Get a Clarisonic.
074. No alcohol for one month.
075. Make somebody's day.
076. Fill a jar of spare change.
077. Wear my prom dress again.
078. Watch a sunset.
079. Fully decorate a cake.
080. Make sushi.
081. Take silly photos in a photobooth with somebody.
082. Learn how to finger pick properly on the guitar.
083. Get a cajon.
084. Meet somebody who I admire.
085. Set up my fish tank again and maintain it.
086. Reach 20,000 tweets.
087. Have flowers in a vase in my room.
088. Spend a whole duvet day watching TV programmes from my childhood.
089. Identify 25 things I like about myself.
090. Sell some of my old things online.
091. Donate some of my old things to charity.
092. Complete an assignment at least one week before it is due in.
093. Have a weekend away with somebody who isn't family.
094. Help somebody I do not know.
095. Spend a whole day in the sun in Summer.
096. Go to 10 concerts.
097. Write all my bad memories down and burn them.
098. Buy a lottery ticket with five lines.
099. Solve a Rubik's cube.
100. Travel to the North of the country.
101. Try my hardest to achieve as many of the above as I can in 1,001 days.

Is anybody else attempting to do 101 things in 1,001 days? I'd love to see your lists and how you're getting on!


  1. this sounds like a really good idea!! may need to do one myself! xx

  2. Great list so far! I'm struggling to find 30 things to put in my 30 by 30, I could never think of this many! x

    1. Thank you! Haha, oh god, it took me so long to think of everything on this list! x

  3. I love all your goals! (and agree with a fair few of them myself!) Canada, IMATS and a blogger meet up are all things I really really want to do! And all the driving related ones are things I really really NEED to do haha :) xxx

    1. Thank you! Haha, it's definitely about time I started learning how to drive, I intended on doing it two years ago! x

  4. I've been thinking about doing one of these for ages! In fact, i've got a post saved in my drafts on this haha :) i couldn't think of 101 goals all at once either. You've got some really great things on here that you want to achieve, good luck! xoxo

  5. you have some great things on your list hun and some are very inspireing and are things that i myself need to do haha. This is a great isdea and i hope you manage to achieve them all by the date you set. good luck x


  6. WOW, what a brilliant list :)
    Good luck with them all beautiful, I know you'll be brilliant at this!

    I have a list of 22 things to do before I turn 22 and so far it is going really well :)

    1. Thank you, sweet! :) I just checked out your list, you are doing so well with it! Good luck with the rest of it! :) x

  7. wow this is such a good idea!
    I think I might do this tomorrow.
    I will link you too it if I do.


    1. You definitely should, I'd love to read it if you do! :) x

  8. Your list is really good, as soon as I read this post I started to work on mine and I've just put it up. It was hard to think of all the things but I think I'm finally happy with it!
    Good luck with yours :) xx


    1. Thank you :) It was so hard to think of 101 things haha, I will definitely check out your list! :) x

  9. This is such a great idea- think i will def be doing something like this!! xxx

  10. I LOVE this idea. I just found your blog & saw this and I feel like I have to try this!


  11. i took inspiration from yours and did mine!! although i changed it a bit and did 115 things in 315 days (till the end of this year basically) because i only work under pressure lol!! xx

    1. Ooh I only just sa this comment, sorry! :( I will definitely check out your list though :) x

  12. i wish you did youtube videos i feel like you'd be sucha good youutuber! i LOVE your blog xxx

    1. Awwh thanks lovely :) Hopefully I will start making YouTube videos soon! x


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