Tuesday 21 February 2012


I have done a couple of OOTN posts before, but this is my first Outfit of the Day :) I am not normally one to plan my outfits for the day, I just throw on whatever is clean and looks good together. I bought this shirt because I really liked the detail on the collar; it is actually a size 14 but I work with it, I think it looks okay tucked in to whatever pants/ shorts I'm wearing. The tooth necklace is something that I never usually wear, however I just found it today and thought it looked nice peeking out of the buttoned up collar. I have just realised that this outfit actually cost me less than £10 haha (minus the jacket, but that was bought for me) :)

Time for some awkward posing.

Blouse: Charity Shop
Culottes: Primark via Charity Shop
Tights: Marks & Spencer
Jacket: Miss Selfridge
Necklace: I bought this whilst I was on holiday in the Philippines a few years ago.
Ring: Primark

I hope you enjoyed this post! I will try and do more OOTDs if you like them :)


  1. Wow I love this outfit :) The detailing on that shirt is amazing, it looks really expensive! x

  2. I think your blouse is really pretty :) Love the detailing on the collar! xo

  3. The shirt is lovely! And the detailing is so pretty. Really nice outfit xoxo


  4. love the look! i also buy at charity shops and what i love about them is that you can think of any clothing item and you'll find it at a charity shop for a bargain :) a good way to stock on blouses

    1. Thanks! Yeah I love charity shopping, you can find some gems and there are always blouses like this one :) x

  5. Your outfit is so pretty! I love your jacket :) xx

  6. cute outfit!
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  7. I love this! The shorts are soo cute! x

  8. this outfit is amazing! I love how you've paired the shirt with the shorts, so effortless but pretty! You look great.


  9. Nice outfit, love the blouse and shorts. x

  10. You look stunning hun and I love the outfit especially the shirt what a great find and it looks very vintage xx

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  11. omg i absolutely love this outfit! you look fab frances :)

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  12. You are so beautiful, your outfit is simply stunning :) the shorts are so cute!

  13. Your shorts are gorgeous, the print is awesome. It also looks super cute with the blouse.x

  14. Very nice outfit! :) Xx

  15. oo such a nice outfit- very preppy and I love the shorts! xxx


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