Monday 29 April 2013

My Ultimate JD Sports Wishlist.

For somebody who, a few months ago would have turned her nose up at the thought of wearing a pair of trainers, I sure have become obsessed with sportswear over the past few weeks! I have come to realise that girls who spend a lot of time training and in the gym want to look good too, and not all sports wear is dull, drab and boring. I follow a lot of health and fitness blogs on Tumblr and I always feel so jealous of the girls who take photos of their rows and stacks of colourful sports bras and trainers (move over Jeffrey Campbell- this girl wants to put her Nike Frees on display!). Browsing through JD Sport's range of footwear the other day, I fell in love with their collection of Nike trainers and decided to put together my ultimate sportswear wishlist- If only I could afford it all!

1. Nike Free Run+ 2 Trainers £80.00
2. Nike Free Run+ 3 Trainers £80.00
3. Nike Dual Fusion Trainers £60.00

I think that Nike makes the best running trainers by far- they're good quality, provide comfort and they look stylish at the same time. These are my three favourite pairs from the JD website, even though I could probably pick out loads more- I just love the colours and I think it would be so much fun to be able to mix and match your sports wear just like with any other outfit.

7. Nike Woven Two-In-One Shorts £28.00 £20.00
4. Nike Pro Shorts II £25.00

Whilst the average fashionista longs to look amazing in a pair of disco pants, a fitness fanatic wants to look great training in a pair of Nike Pro shorts. I don't think I'm quite there yet, but one day! Until then these funky zig-zag print two in one shorts will suffice!

6. Nike Pro Sports Bra £24.00

Of course, sports bras are an absolute staple piece in any girl's wardrobe if she works out- Nike makes them in a huge array of colours and designs, and I want every single one. I love wearing mine with a plain black or clashing colour drop-arm vest over the top so that the colour pops out.

5. Adidas Originals Adicolor Team Bag £60.00

I am in desperate need of a new bag to carry my things to the gym as I currently just cram everything in to my trusty old Primark bucket bag. I love the classic look of this Adidas bag and it's nice and roomy to fit all my gym gear in.

8. Adidas Response Tights £33.00
A good pair of leggings are another staple in my work-out wardrobe- normal leggings just don't cut it as they  cling to your skin as you sweat whereas work-out leggings are often designed to tackle that kind of problem. I really like the pink detailing on this Adidas pair and I think they look super flattering.

Whats on your sportswear wishlist?

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  1. I absolutely love that sports bag- seriously to die for. And the response tights - gorge!!

    Dannii xxx

    1. It's lovely isn't it? I'm really fussy with bags, especially sports ones! x

  2. Loving that sports bra! X xo

  3. love that adidas bag! such cool style :) xx

  4. Love the Adidas gym bag - so retro! :-)

    1. I love it! It would be perfect for carrying my gym stuff around :) x


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