Friday 19 April 2013

Jewellery Review: Boho Betty Wrap Bracelets.

Boho Betty Golden Glaze Nugget Wrap Bracelet*- £10.00 (currently £8.50 in sale)

Two posts in one day- I'm pushing my own boundaries here, haha! I just wanted to split my posts up a little bit, it's been outfit post overload for the past few days with me taking part in the McArthurGlen style challenge, so I thought I would write a review on a lovely piece of jewellery that I received last week.

Boho Betty is a Hong Kong and UK-based jewellery retailer that sells stunning wrap bracelets in an array of different colours and styles- I had trouble deciding which one I liked best! After much deliberation I ended up choosing the Golden Glaze bracelet from their Nugget collection, which consists of chunky golden metallic nuggets placed between strands of tan leather. I love layering my bracelet with other pieces (you can see me wearing it here) and I think the golden nuggets are going to look lovely against a tan in the summer!

It is easy to see how much care and attention-to-detail is put in to these bracelets; mine looks and feels very well made and it came packaged in a little organza drawstring bag, together with a Boho Betty business card. I also love how the clasp is engraved with a Boho Betty signature and has a little "BB" charm attached. The adult bracelets are available in three sizes; Single, Double and Quad (measurements are on the website), but if you have tiny wrists like myself you might find that even the single is a little too big, which is the only problem I have with this bracelet.

The bracelets normally start at £10.00 which may seem quite expensive for what it is, but they are lovely quality and they would make gorgeous gifts. They are also currently on sale, meaning they start at as little as £8.50 (ends Sunday, April 28)! There are many different styles to choose from, including nuggets, pearls, orbs and precious stones, and they even have collections for children (which currently start at £6.38 in the sale) and men. If you would like to check out these lovely wrap bracelets, check out the Boho Betty website :)

Have you checked out Boho Betty?


  1. This is really pretty, love the beads and the summery sandy colour!

    Dayner x //

    1. Thanks lovely! I agree, it's perfect for Summer isn't it? :) x

  2. Beautiful bracelet! Definitely something I think I would wear

    1. Thank youu! :) I really want some more to layer up x

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  6. Nice pictures. I love this sterling silver bracelets. I would loved to have them for my beautification.

  7. Very simple and elegant. Nice bracelet. i have collection of unique gold ring


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