Sunday 3 June 2012

Week (or two) in Instagrams #14

For some reason I forgot to do my Week in Instagrams post last week and I didn't take that many photos this week, so I have decided to combine my Instagrams from the past couple of weeks for this post :) Also, I am in two minds about carrying on with my Week in Instagrams post, I don't know if many people like reading them... So if you like reading these posts, please do let me know!

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1. My lovely parcel from Gem at Flutter and Sparkle :) I now have an Urban Decay Naked 2 palette!

2. My attempt at being healthy!

3. It's been a while since I had to get up this early. Do not like.

4. How can they justify charging people £5 for this, please?!

5. Chicken Tikki Masala, om nom nom!

6. An Indian and a Chinese on the same day. Naughty!

7. Pretty pink parcel paper :)

8. The gorgeous Feud shoes I won!

9. I'm loving the Hydroxatone Facial Brush! If you live in the U.S. or Canada, this may be of interest to you; I will be writing a blog post on it soon!

10. Love my tiger socks! :)

11. I hate when this happens :(

12. Two of my friends got each other's name tattooed on their legs. It's guy love, between two guys.

I hope you have all had a lovely week! Are you celebrating the Jubilee this Bank Holiday weekend?


  1. if pic number 4 was an excuse for a bacon sarnie if i'd have been served that it'd have gone straight back, especially at £5!!!

    Love those shoes though, such a pretty design!! x

  2. Personally I love reading your instagram posts! Those shoes are beautiful! :) xx

  3. Lovely photos! I hate it when 'that' happens too! Especially when you're in and they don't even bother knocking! :(x

    1. It's so frustrating because I get so excited :( haha x

  4. Love all the pictures! Your tiger socks are adorable :)

  5. I really like reading Instagram posts :-)
    Mel x

  6. I love your instagram posts, keep em up! :)


    1. Thanks lovely! I think I will, people seem to like reading them :) x

  7. Good posts, love reading your blog


  8. Thank you for the comment you left on my blog sweetie!
    You have lovely pictures here, I love posts like this! :)

    Natasha Carly x

  9. I am a very new reader of your blog (found it through Daisy's and I'm so glad I did). :) I like the instagrams posts a lot!
    - I want that UD palette too!!!
    - Lovely shoes!
    - I hate when that (photo 11) happens too! A lot! hehe
    Tons of hugs,

  10. I've only just come across your blog, but I love instagram posts! :) xx

  11. I love to see this type of post :)

    Lucky you winning shoes & a UD palette! Not jealous at all, honest! xx

    1. I'm glad you like them! Aww haha thanks lovely, I can't believe I won them both! x

  12. I like to see these posts! Curry yum yum! Love the tiger socks :) xx

    Beauty by Emma

    1. I'm glad! :) Haha I couldn't resist buying the socks! x


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