Friday 9 January 2015

Wishlist: Highstreet Sale Picks.

1. Jumper: H&M, £29.99 £10
2. Beanie: H&M, £6.99 £3
3. Trousers: River Island, £38.00 £15
5. Cleated Sole Boots: H&M, £29.99 £15
As a fashion blogger fortunate enough to receive new wardrobe additions every now and again from some of the brands I work with, I try to refrain from spending my wages on my already overflowing wardrobe. However, with a bit of money left over from Christmas, I can't help but have a little nosy through the online sales. Usually I'm disappointed by the offerings in the January sales and I tend to only come away with a couple of accessories, but this year it was a little harder to resist a splurge. Luckily, I'm not bad at controlling my impulse purchases and I've limited myself to only the H&M boots (although the jumper seems to shout my name a little louder every time I look at it), but I thought I would share some of my top picks from the January 2015 high street sales with you :)
Have you shopped the sales this year?
Frances x


  1. I love that bobble hat its just so cute!

  2. Those boots high boots are amazing!! I made an ASOS order last night but that's all I have really picked up from the sales, a little disappointed in them if im honest!
    Sam xx

  3. I really like the burgundy trousers, looking for some in this style for a while. I don't shop much anyway but I picked up a couple of things online, sales shopping can be crazy sometimes!

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