Thursday 23 January 2014

Review: oNecklace Personalised Jewellery.

24K Gold Plated Unique Line Name Necklace: $69.95 $49.95 (approx £30.00)*

It's that time of year again where we think we are done emptying our pockets on presents but sooner than we know it the shop windows are reminding us that Valentine's Day and Mother's Day are fast approaching. Just as well, the lovely people over at oNecklace got in touch with me asking if I would like to review a piece of their personalised jewellery ahead of the occasions. As I already have a name necklace myself Because I'm an amazing daughter, I decided to get one adorned with my mum's name (however, this does not get me out of buying her a gift when Mother's Day actually comes around!).

The necklace we chose is 24K gold plated and features intricate line detailing below the name which far surpassed my expectations in terms of the quality of the piece. oNecklace makes jewellery in a multitude of designs and materials including sterling silver, 14K gold, 14K white gold and pieces embedded with Swarovski crystals. As well as name necklaces they cater towards monogram necklaces, bracelets, rings (which I love!) and even earrings. oNecklace offers free (!) Worldwide shipping and this piece dropped through my letter box around a week and a half after it was ordered, which means that you still have plenty of time to get choosing one for your loved ones! 

If you fancy treating somebody special to a piece of personalised jewellery this year, I definitely recommend checking out what oNecklace has to offer :)

Frances x

*DISCLOSURE: PR sample. My opinions are still 100% honest and my own.


  1. This is so pretty, would be a lovely present :)

  2. Aww this is so lovely and that's so sweet of you popping your mums name on there what a gem xxx

    Danielle || Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

    1. Haha, little sweetheart aren't I? ;) Noo I thought she'd like it though, she always wants in on my freebies haha! x

  3. this is a great idea for a gift

  4. Great neckless ! I ordered as well
    Wonder how long was the delivery? I can't wait to blog about mine
    Looks cool

    1. Ahh I hope you love it :) I received mine in about a week and a half :) xx

  5. Aw, this is lovely, the line detail makes it look so intricate!


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