Saturday 12 October 2013

Stylefruits Brilliantly British Fashion Bloggers 2013 Card Game (Giveaway!)

Back in June, I was contacted by the lovely Elizabeth from the Stylefruits UK team and was honoured that they had chosen me as one of their top 32 British fashion bloggers to feature in a card game that they were making. In the moment of excitement I agreed to be included in the deck, but over the next few busy months the project escaped my mind, until a couple of weeks ago when Mr. Postman delivered this confetti-filled parcel through my letter box.
I absolutely love how the cards turned out. Each card donned with a pretty Union Jack design and 32 bloggers in total, it is brilliant for discovering new blogs as each one features our blog URL along the side and a picture from one of our blog posts. The deck is designed to be played as Quartet with the symbols on the top left hand corner of the cards, or Top Trumps, with categories such as "blog birthday", "number of shoes owned" and "number of wardrobe hangers" (yes, I counted every single one!). Not to worry if you don't know how to play these games, however, as the deck also includes the rules :)
With that said, Stylefruits kindly sent me an extra deck to offer to one of my lovely readers. I have decided to switch things up a little bit and make this in to a Twitter giveaway, so head over to my Twitter to find out how to enter with a chance of winning! Alternatively, if you would rather just print off the deck yourself, you can do so at the Stylefruits Brilliantly British Fashion Bloggers page. You can also follow this link to apply to be featured in the 2014 edition!


  1. This card game is such a great idea and a fun way to find new blogs to read!

  2. This is such a cool idea and an amazing way to track down new blogs :) congratulations on being featured!
    Keep in touch :)
    Andrea xxx

  3. oh wow! Such an awesome idea! Will they be selling the professionally printed packs? xx
    MUA Intense Kisses Glosses


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