Wednesday 19 June 2013

Outfit: Original Attire.

Top, vest (under top) and trousers: All C/O Original Attire* | Nike Blazers: C/O Get The Label* | Wedge Sandals: C/O Shoe Zone*| Necklaces (top to bottom): C/O Get The Label*, Vintage | Watch: Michael Kors

I was never really a trousers kind-of-girl; I'm really fussy about the way they fit me. That said, I have really been trying to find a style that suits me as I think every girl needs a staple pair of trousers in her wardrobe. Lately I have really been loving trousers with a tapered fit, that are quite loose-fitting but still flattering on the leg. This pair of Love Zooey silk trousers from Original Attire are admittedly a little pricey at over £100 (they have shorts in the same material and print which are a little cheaper!) but if you can afford them they're so soft and very lightweight, making them perfect for Summer, as are the t-shirt and the vest top that I wore underneath. I couldn't decide whether to dress this outfit up or down for this post, so I did both haha- Got to love versatile pieces! I paired the trousers with two of my new favourite pairs of shoes- Some Nike Blazers which I have wanted for aaages (Thanks, Get The Label!) and this gorgeous pair snake print wedges from Shoe Zone, which may I add, are now only £9.99!

Are you a trousers kind of girl? Or do you prefer leggings and dresses like me?
*DISCLOSURE: Starred items are PR samples.


  1. Oh you always style some super lovely pieces, Those trousers are wonderful and love the print of the jacket too! :) Have you had a haircut? Cause your hair looks gorgeous! xx

  2. Oversized t-shirts and stylish baggy trousers, especially stylish baggy trousers are my thing right now. They're actually managing to keep me cool in our Mediterranean weather!

  3. wOW this is very lovely !

    I like how you combined and matched everything together :D

    Really well done with that :) I also really like your pants with that print on it :P

    I have 1 new post and would love to know your opinion :)

    Have a great day :D

    Introducing The Sarah Klass

  4. I'm a leggings and dresses person too. I never feel as comfortable in trousers! You could make anything look good though :) xx

  5. Love your trousers! looks so comfy!
    xx Ayesha

  6. I looove those trousers, they look ridiculously comfy xx

  7. I love your top and jacket, gorgeous Xx


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