Saturday 20 September 2014

Review: Havana Club Summer Party @ Aloha Bar, Liverpool.

Even though I can usually be a bit of a homebody and I enjoy the simple pleasures of being tucked up in my bed with an episode of Orange Is the New Black, it's no secret that I love a catch up with good friends over a mojito or three in Liverpool every once in a while. So upon hearing that Aloha Bar were hosting a cuban cocktail-themed Havana Club Summer Party*, I gathered my buddies and donning our gladrags we headed down the steps into Liverpool's best Tiki Bar for a cuban-themed, rum-filled adventure.

Greeted by super friendly shipmates with Havana Club straw hats, tiki mugs and leis to take home with us, we were led to our cuban flag decorated table and handed a shot of I-don't-know-what to get the evening started as we browsed through the menu of Aloha's exotic drinks. Naturally, we decided to start with their signature Pina Colada; a rummy, pineappley, coconutty concoction served fittingly in a hollowed-out pineapple complete with paper parasols and fruit garnishings- I could almost feel the heat of the Cuban beaches at this point. Or maybe that was the heat of people dancing and the candles that were dimly lighting our table. The perfect thing about booking a booth at Aloha is that they offer table service throughout your evening, meaning that you don't have to get up and battle against the crowds to order a drink at the bar; instead you can sit back, relax and enjoy the luxury of having your drinks brought over to you. 
 The girls and I decided that, since this was a rare occasion, it was only right that we experienced one of Aloha's Deadman's (fitting name) Chests. Served up in a treasure chest with a healthy dose of dry ice, this £50 bad boy is certainly a show stopper in more ways than one. Sipping on a deliciously sweet cocktail packed with a generous helping of Havana rum and exotic fruit juices, it's hard to gauge at what point I went from 'a little bit tipsy' to busting out my best dance moves and almost setting fire to things. Didn't stop us from trying out a special Havana Iced Tea from their event-exclusive menu though. I'm glad to say that I don't get hangovers but the other girls were certainly paying for it this morning :P

Unfortunately we arrived a little too late in the evening to enjoy Havana's live Cuban band, CubaVIDA, but we still managed to catch a little reggae and soul before the DJs had us singing and dancing away to some of our Friday night favourites.
Havana are always hosting events to show off their finest rums in authentic-mojito-style, so check their website to see if they will be bringing a touch of Cuba to your city.

Have you tried Havana Club rum? Ever visited Aloha?

Frances x

*DISCLOSURE: I was kindly offered this evening for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own.


  1. Oh wow that sounds such a fun evening. Love the photos too! You and your girls look beautiful.

  2. Oh wow that looks like a super fun evening :) Great photos, love some rum!

    Sophie x

  3. Ahhh Aloha! Glad to see you enjoyed it! One of my faves here in Liverpool! Staff are always so friendly and the atmosphere is always brilliant! And the drinks are to die for! <3

  4. Sounds like a great girls night out!

  5. looks like an amazing bar and those pineapple cocktails are so cool! x


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