Thursday 28 November 2013

UK Models: How to Kick Start Your Modelling Career.

When I was younger I loved the idea of becoming a model- What little girl doesn't like the thought of having her hair and makeup done for her every day and striking her best pose in front of the camera? However, being a shy character, a little on the shorter side and not knowing anybody in the industry I had no idea how to even get started; that's why I think companies like UK Models are great for anybody who is thinking about breaking in to the industry.

"The modelling industry is extremely competitive; thousands and thousands of girls and guys dream of making it as a model everyday, but not everyone can. Attempting to break into the modelling world is tough – but here at UK Models, we can help you. If you want to know how to become a model in England, then read on to find out!
UK Models is a model support service. We guide aspiring models and help them kick start their modelling careers. We achieve this by offering helpful tips and advice, which will definitely be beneficial due to our twelve years of experience in the industry. We also honestly advise you about whether you have the right look for the modelling industry and which type of modelling would suit you best. Once we have established your modelling goals, we will invite you for a photo shoot in one of our top of the range central London studios.
The photo shoot is the ultimate way to find out whether modelling is for you. You and our team will be able to discover if you have the ability to pose in front of the cameras and possess all of the attributes needed to become a model. We will provide you with talented makeup artists, hairdressers and stylists who will give you a makeover for the shoot. A top photographer will take your photos and the final images will be discussed with an image consultant, who you will be able to discuss your strengths and weaknesses with as well as whether you have what it takes to make it in the world of modelling. If you do decide that modelling is the right path for you, then you will have high quality photographs for your portfolio. A portfolio is like a visual CV; it is a collection of images that showcase a model’s work. It also shows potential clients a model’s versatility and scope as a model because of the fact that the model is shown in a range of looks and locations.
After the professional portfolio has been created, UK Models will support you for a year. We will answer all your questions about the modelling industry, help you with your approach to agencies and give you tips on freelancing and networking. Breaking into the industry is always going to be difficult; which is why we want to help you every step of the way.
 So if this sounds interesting to you and you want to find out how to become a model in England, then check out our website and register with us today. If we feel you have the right look required to become a successful model, we will be in touch and advise you on the next steps to take. You could make your modelling dreams come true!"

 Would you consider kick-starting your modelling career with UK models?
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  1. Great post, love the idea of the photo shoot to see if modelling is for you. UK Models sounds like an awesome company!

    Bry x

  2. i love the idea of comming a model..
    but im too big on my hips..
    but you have a beautiful figure and face!

    lots of love


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