Sunday 5 May 2013

Outfit: #GTLUrbanParty.

Blouse: Charity Shop | Shorts: C/O Daisy Street* | Jacket: C/O Daisy Street* | Shoes: Funky Dory | Tights: Primark | Hat: H&M

I was going to pop this outfit on the end of my last post, but I decided there was already an overload of photos on there so it was better to do it separately haha. This is what I wore to the Get The Label Urban Party on Thursday. The sun was shining, but I don't trust the weather enough just yet to go all-out in bare legs and summery dresses. Instead, I decided to play it safe whilst still paying homage to Mr. Sun with this rather gaudy green blouse and bright lips and nails. I picked up these tights in Primark for just £1 last week and I love the floral design on the back of them- I wish I had picked up more pairs now as I will probably have torn holes in these after a couple more wears :(

I also forgot to mention in my last post that I had the chance to meet and chat to lots of lovely new bloggers at the Get The Label event, so make sure to check out their blogs below! :)

Danielle from A Blog From Blackpool
Lola and Fikki from Pastime Bliss
Laura from Heroine in Heels

I hope you like my outfit! Have you been enjoying the sunshine?
*DISCLOSURE: Starred items were giveaway prizes.


  1. Gorgeous outfit! I love your tights and your studded shorts Xx

  2. Oh my gosh that blouse is beautiful. Got to love a gaudy print every now and again! :) xx

    1. Thanks doll, I love it! And £3.50- Bargain! :) x

  3. Those tights are so gorgeous! X

  4. Love this outfit! the shorts look amazing on you!
    xx Ayesha

  5. Oooh that shirt is amazing! The print is so nice, sometimes charity shop finds are the most unique and special than anything you find in the shops. Though it's been a while since I've found any real gems.

  6. you look great! love that shirt soo cool. Loving your blog post !

  7. thanks for the mention. it was definitely a really lovely event and great meeting you :)

    Lola xx


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