Friday 25 November 2011

Small Thrift Haul

I won't lie, as I was growing up I was a complete snob about charity shops and refused to go in them. But since I got interested in the beauty and fashion community on here and YouTube, and saw some of the lovely things that other people have purchased, my views changed and now I am addicted to charity shopping! Here are a few things that I've picked up over the past couple of weeks.

 I've pretty much lived in this shirt since I bought it, I love it so much. It's such a good quality item too, and it is originally from Laura Ashley... It didn't have a Laura Ashley price tag though; I bought this for £3!

 This top is originally from New Look, and I got it for £2.99. I haven't worn it yet because I couldn't figure out how I would wear it for autumn/ winter, but I think it will look nice on a mild day under a big coat with some burgundy skinny jeans.

 I don't know why this skirt looks like it has a big stain in the middle of it, it doesn't appear to be there in real life, but it needs throwing in the wash anyway, I only bought this the other day. It's originally from InLoveWithFashion (Topshop consessions), which I adore! I can't wait to wear it, and it only cost me £2.50!

I was drawn in by this shirt after watching one of Miss Glamorazzi's YouTube videos, in which she is wearing a shiny silk striped shirt. I loved it but didn't know where I could find one in the UK, so I was pretty excited when I spotted this... It isn't exactly the same but I think it is as close as I am going to get haha. I'm going to wear this on nights out or if I'm going out for a meal or something :) It cost only £2.00

Finally, I picked up some books. Charity shops are great for finding books, and they'll have them in pretty much any genre. I have already finished Forget Me Not and I am currently reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter. I can't wait to start The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, I have read so many good reviews about it, and I'm trying to hunt down the other two books in the series. All these books cost between 50p and £2.

So, if you are hesitant about shopping in charity shops, I urge you to try it, I am sure you will be addicted! You may not find something every time you go, but it makes you feel so good when you do, and sometimes you can find some real gems! And best of all,  your money goes towards a good cause :)

Hope you're having a lovely day,


  1. Wow, some really great finds! I love the metallic shirt :) I've been meaning to go on a charity shop trip lately but I never have time! :(

  2. You found some awesome stuff the skirt is adorable! Now following!

  3. @Claire: Awhh no! You can always find time to go shopping ;)

    @AmyBeth: Thank youu! :)

  4. I buy books in charity shops too! Such a bargain! :)
    Girl with the dragon tattoo is awsome. I bought all 3 in Tesco for £5 :) it wasn't long ago so they might still run that promo.

    Sylwia xx

  5. @Beauty World: Oh really? I'll have to go and have a look and see if the offer is still on :) x

  6. I'm also intrigued with trying out charity shops! Its quite amazing seeing what they have to offer!
    And plus its cute knowing that your moneys going somewhere that will help people :)
    Just found your blog by the way,
    I love it! :)

  7. @Bethany: I totally agree :) Aw thank you, lovely! x

  8. nice staff


  9. @theblackshortdress: Thank you :) x


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