Tuesday 6 September 2011

Burberry Body: My Thoughts

So I heard through the grapevine that Burberry were giving away a 30ml sample of their new fragrance, 'Body', to their facebook fans so I thought that I would jump in and request one.
I was slightly confused when it arrived though, as it was only a 4.5ml bottle.
But hey, I was half expecting it as 30ml as a free sample sounded too good to be true, plus this looks like quite a generous sample size anyway :)
It arrived very nicely presented and the little bottle is really cute.

When I first smelled the perfume, I initially thought that it was really strong, and too "grown up" for me, but after a bit of wear, the scent becomes milder and I actually think it is really nice.
 I read on Fragrantica:
Body Burberry is a luxury chypre - fruity composition that begins with notes of fresh green absinthe, peach and freesia. Roses and iris are in the heart, leaning on the base of sandalwood, cashmerean, musk, amber and vanilla.

I actually think that this is more of a floral fragrance, with a hint of fruit; I can definitely smell the rose and sandalwood in it. Musk is also a must-have scent for me when it comes to perfumes, which must be why I quite like it.
I don't know whether I would buy this perfume in full size for myself, even though the more I wear it, the more it grows on me; it seems to stay on for a long time aswell, which is always a good thing.
I would recommend this to people who like a strong, musky perfume which is quite floral and feminine.

I'm pretty sure that you can still get the free sample, so if you haven't already and would like to try this perfume out yourself, then head to the Burberry facebook page now and request your sample because it is limited.

I hope you enjoyed this little review :)
See you in my next post!
Frances x


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